Panorama Photography Masterclass

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Panorama Photography Masterclass

    Ever wonder how pro photographers shoot panorama photographs?

    In this lesson, pro photographer David Johnston (David Johnston Photography) takes you out into the field to teach you exactly how it's done. The Panorama Photography Masterclass is designed to help you create perfectly photographed and merged views that span 180 degrees. Panoramas are a stunning and unique way to showcase a scene, but creating your own can be intimidating.

    In this course, David takes you through the in-field panorama process in real time during a sunset shoot in North Carolina. After, learn how to stitch together your photos in Adobe Lightroom to a breath-taking panorama. After watching this course, you will be able to confidently shoot and merge your very own panoramas.

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    What You'll Learn

    Join David Johnston in the field and behind the computer to learn the panorama process from start to finish.


    David Johnston

    Tennessee-based landscape photographer passionate about helping you improve your photography through online courses.

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