Fisheye 15mm Lens

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This is our classic Fisheye 15mm lens, previous called our Superfish lens. This lens is super wide, with a 170 degree field of view, producing a 56% wider image than the 75 degrees (iPhone X) you will find on a standard phone camera.

Keep in mind this lens was optimized for 2018 phones and earlier, which relied on a different base focal length. To maximize the edge to edge clarity we recommend the Fisheye 15mm lens for camera phones created 2018 and prior, and our new Fisheye 14mm for anything newer. What makes this lens amazing is the aspherical design that allows you to get the widest possible shot with a classic fisheye look and no black ring around the edge. Ideal for action, architecture, and crazy portraits, the Fisheye 15mm is cheaper and easier than carrying a dedicated action camera.

Photo Case Required Learn How It Works

Features and Compatibility

  • M-Series lens works with our M-Series Cases.
  • Includes a lens cap and microfiber carrying bag.
  • Works best with 2018 and earlier iPhone, Pixel, Samsung, and One Plus phones.
  • Equivalent to a 15mm lens with a 170-degree field of view.
  • Lens is made with aerospace-grade metal to withstand use, drops, and adventure.
  • Great for phones made in 2018 and earlier. If you have a newer phone, our 14mm Fisheye Lens will be a better choice with corner-to-corner goodness

What is the Fisheye 15mm Lens?

The Fisheye 15mm makes it possible to get super close to the action and still get the shot. Whether shooting close subjects, tight interiors, or large buildings, a Fisheye lens is a go to lens for photographers and filmmakers.

What You Get With Fisheye 15mm

Super Wide Shots

This lens is like shooting with a GoPro, expect you don’t have to carry around a dedicated camera. The aspherical design of the Fisheye 15mm provides a 170 degree field of view, providing maximum width and controlled distortion. We also minimized the edge curvature on this lens so you get the width without the black ring around the edge.

Without Lens
With Fisheye 15mm

Crispy Photos

Tight spaces, meet your match. This Fisheye 15mm will let you get super close to the action and still get the shot. From portraits to stadiums to architecture the images on this lens will feel larger than life.

Superfish 7
Fall Tip @adventureblanket Moment Superfish
@adventureblanket Moment Superfish
Tip5 Superfish Portraitmode
Pixel 2 XL Portrait Mode + Moment Superfish Lens
Superfish 8B
Pixel 2 XL + Superfish Lens

High Action Videos

The ultra wide look of a Fisheye is a must have for shooting action. It allows you to get up close to the action without cutting the subject. The crazy wide focal length also helps minimize camera shake while moving

In App Lens Correction

A special feature in our Pro Camera app has distortion correction so you can take a really wide, slightly curved image, and make it flat. This way you can keep the width but flatten the image. This feature is available on iOS only.

Shot on the Fisheye 15mm Lens

This lens, especially on single lens portrait modes, creates some crazy shots. What makes the look of the 15mm unique is we maximize the width of the lens but keep the classic curved fisheye look without the black ring. You can even use our Pro Camera app to completely flatten the fisheye curve of the image, removing the distortion as little or as much as you’d like.

In Detail

You’ll notice the quality of this lens from the minute you pick it up. Made from Aerospace Grade metal, this lens can take the adventure you send it through. The bottom of the lens includes our M-Series interface so you can attach this lens with any of our M-Series cases.

Lens Superfish Below 2

We took the classic bending you get from a traditional fisheye, then worked tooth and nail to make the image clean all the way through with no black corners or edges. It maintains the bubbly look you expect from a fisheye, with an image that is 100% crisp edge to edge on mobile devices.

Image Quality

  • Focal Length: 15mm equivalent with 170 degree rectilinear FOV over 7.1mm image
  • Minimum Focal Length: 0.63" (15.88mm)
  • Afocal Magnification: 0.517x
  • F/ Max: 1.7
  • Image Circle: 6.05mm
  • Glass: Multi-element, 3G/1A single aspheric design.
  • Coatings: Multi-layer, low flare broadband anti-reflection.
  • Aberration: Lateral chromatic <1.5pm (edge)
  • Resolution (Axis) >300 lp/mm
  • Resolution (Edges) > 150lp/mm


  • Diameter: 34.5
  • Height: 22.6mm
  • Weight: 52g

What It Works With

  • Interface: M-Series
  • Devices: iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, One Plus.
  • Filters: 62mm Lens Filter mount (support coming soon).
  • Drones: No