Alpha ZV-E1 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

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Alpha ZV-E1 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

    Unleash your full creative potential with ZV-E1's expressive imagery and innovative technology

    Sony Alpha ZV-E1's full-frame image sensor with extraordinary sensitivity and wide dynamic range together with advanced color science captures expressive, cinematic imagery. Innovative AI powered functions enable a solo creator to capture footage that would otherwise require a separate camera operator. ZV-E1's unique combination of performance and convenience takes your creativity to the next level.


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    What Makes it Unique

    It’s a vlogging camera, but it has a full-frame sensor meaning better quality footage and even greater manual control. Optimized for 4K and delivers 15+ stops of latitude, low noise, high sensitivity, and gorgeous full-frame bokeh — the ZV-E1 is perhaps the most sophisticated content-creator video camera we’ve ever seen.

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    How Does it Compare?

    There’s an influx of video cameras on the market, but the ZV-E1 is a remarkable blend of pro-level features in a compact, affordable package. Its high-quality sensor delivers striking images, on par with the crowd-favorite A7SIII and FX3. Despite its minimalist design, omitting some pro functions, it's a solid choice for aspiring filmmakers. However, its $2200 price tag for just the body might stretch a beginner's budget.

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