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Hi, I’m Julia. Boy mom, lover of good design, night owl, and chocolate croissant addict. Between photographing families for 10 years and documenting my young boys at home, I have a few nuggets of advice on capturing your kids during your crazy everyday life... all you need is your phone.

What will you learn?

In one week, we’ll cover everything from capturing portraits, finding good light, activities to photograph, and more. Each day is a new topic, with a handful of practical tips.

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    Which Apps Should I Use?

    I share my favorite apps, from capturing to editing and sharing the perfect shot. These are the apps I use the most.

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    How Do I Find Good Light?

    Whether or not you have big windows in your home, you'll learn how to make light work for you.

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    Which Background Should I Choose?

    Your home is full of backdrops— a white wall, a pinned sheet, or a clutter-free square on the floor.

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    How About Portraits?

    Capturing good portraiture is an art, but you don’t always need to hire a professional to get good ones. Here’s how.

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    How Do I Tell A Story?

    Have your kids do an activity! From taking a bath to picking flowers, I share fun ideas and tips to help you get sweet candid shots.

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    Why Don’t I Have Any Photos With My Kids?

    Well, it’s partially your fault. Get in there with a simple selfie or grab a tripod so your kids have photos with their mom and dad. More ideas here.

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    Finally, How Do I Edit?

    Editing 101: I’ll teach you the basics of clean, timeless photographs and how to edit them quickly by yourself.

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