We want to build a company that empowers people.

In order to reach this, it requires us to shape a collective group of individuals into a cohesive team. A key ingredient in that process is participating in Moment Off-Sites. What started with four people and three days has turned into a weeklong adventure of getting lost, connecting at a deeper level, and discussing how we can improve in everything we do.


Moment Off-Sites exist because we believe that building an amazing team is hard work. It requires us to be vulnerable with one another, while pushing each other to be the best we can be. These discussions don’t happen when everyone is at work. The real discoveries happen when you are exploring, traveling, and surviving together.


Moment Off-Sites are team adventures. They happen three times per year and serve as an opportunity to bring the whole Moment team together. Each adventure is unique in its own way, but always filled with a mix of exploration, discussion, and connection.

During each off-site we hold three types of discussions...

  • Telling The Truth – highs, lows, team inefficiencies, and project recaps.
  • Getting Better – dive deep into 2-3 super important strategic and cultural topics.
  • Planning – review strategy, past goals, and set new goals.


At some point, all over the world. For now, all over the Pacific Northwest.