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"What else can I say, you guys are making products that inspired me to pick up photography as a hobby. Someone who have been gaming for 24 years suddenly picking up photography. That's how crazy amazing you guys are. All those great videos on youtube and content creators should be proud!"

- Hanisu


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"Moment products are great, and so is their brand/content. The team is always responsive and willing to help with orders. Longtime fan, using a large collection of their gear."

- Arvind

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Whether buying for a friend, just getting started, or a super pro…we’re here for you. When you shop Moment you save on your favorite gear all year around.


What is Moment Membership?
Moment Membership is a free, exclusive program that rewards our customers for shopping at Moment and being part of our community. Members earn up to 10% back on every purchase made at, get early access to sales throughout the year, and enjoy priority service from our Gear Guides.

How Do I Join?
It’s free and super easy! Simply click here to sign up, follow the registration process, and you'll be a member in no time.

How Much Does It Cost?
It’s free! You'll enjoy a full year of rewards, discounts, and exclusive access to photography gear and content.

What Are The Benefits?
The key benefits of Moment Membership include:

  • Earn up to 10% back on eligible purchases.
  • Get $15 off your first order over$150.
  • Receive members-only discounts.
  • Get early access to new product releases
  • Priority customer support

How Much Do I Earn?
The more you spend the more you earn. On purchases of new items only (excluding Open Box) you earn…

  • Moment - 10%
  • Bags - 7%
  • Mobile - 5%
  • Courses - 10%
  • Digital Goods - 5%
  • Everything Else - 3%
  • Open Box - not included

The total amount you earn is based on the price paid per item and excludes shipping, taxs, and returns. These credits are provided once a year by 3/1 to your Moment Wallet. They can NOT be redeemed for cash.

What Is The Holiday Bonus?
Any purchases made during our 2023 Holiday Sale (Nov 20 - Dec 3, 2023) will earn an extra bonus per item you purchase.

  • Moment + 5%
  • Mobile +3%
  • Bags +3%
  • Everything Else +2%

When Does It Start?
Any purchases made after November 20th, 2023 are eligible. Purchases made before this timeline are excluded.

How Do The Credits Work?
You will receive a percent of all eligible purchases as a credit in your Moment Wallet to be used in a future purchase. We will provide this credit annually by March 1st of the following year. The amount you earn is based on the new items purchased (not open box) and is net of any shipping, taxes, coupon codes, or returns.

These credits are not provided back as cash and must be used in the calendar year they were issues. Example would be credits provided March 1st 2024 must be used in 2024.

Can I cancel my Moment Membership?
Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Cancelling your account does void any credits in your Moment Wallet. We offer a hassle-free cancellation process. Email us at and we can help.

What happens if I need assistance?
We're here to help! If you have any questions or need assistance with your Moment Membership, please feel free to reach out to our Gear Guides at

Is Moment Membership available to customers outside the United States?
Of course. Moment Membership is global for customers everywhere.

Can I share my Moment Membership benefits with friends or family?
You should invite them to join! Benefits are non-transferable and are intended solely for the individual member. Sharing your benefits with others is not permitted.