Brionne Olsen

Hey, I am Brionne! Filmmaker, Sonic Branding Specialist and Photographer based in South Africa.

Creative Interests

  • Filmmaking
  • Sound Design
  • Photography

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Brionne Olsen


My name is Brionne Olsen and I am a Sound Engineer, specializing in Radio Sound Design and Sonic Branding within the terrestrial broadcast space and until recently, an award winning Filmmaker and Hobbyist Photographer.

My Creative journey is vast from Music Production, to Music Video DP to Voice Talent for South Africa's Number 1 Contemporary Hit Station and I am also a YouTuber focused on Gear reviews and Visual Storytelling for the most part.

I have a keen interest in Documentary Style Filmmaking by using my Smartphone as my primary camera and I found that Mobile Filmmaking allows the story to unfold without worrying too much on setup time and can do without the heavy lifting. The ease of movement with a Mobile Rig allows me to capture my subject in their natural environment without them feeling awkward during the most important part - Storytelling.