Instant Film Cameras

Our favorite format for capturing memorable everyday moments with fun, fresh cameras and film from Fujifilm, Polaroid, and Lomography. Having your pics instantly in your hand on paper is still just like magic.

Learn More about Polaroid and Instant Film Cameras

Make every instant last for longer with your Instant camera.

Point, shoot, and keep with our brand new Instant Camera. A simple point‑and‑shoot camera with autofocus to help you catch life and capture every instant as you live it.

Instant cameras use film packs that include a negative, all the necessary chemical developers and substrates, and the positive paper required to produce the finished print. After you press the shutter, the print emerges from the camera, the development process begins, and the blank sheet turns into a color photograph within minutes. Most film packs come in bundles of 10 exposures, and most cameras have a countdown mechanism to tell you how many shots are left in the pack.

Take aim with a brand new Instant camera and fall for the magic of analog instant photography all over again. Try out your artistic skills using the latest Fujifilm Instax Mini or Polaroid camera, like the Instant instant camera available in a range of bold and bright, expressive colors to match your mood.

Who are Polaroid and Instant Cameras for?

The big draw of instant cameras is that they’re fun to use and provide instant photo gratification. They’re a great conversation starter, and they give you an easy way to coax even the most camera-shy subjects into posing for a portrait. Plus, kids raised in the digital camera age are often fascinated by watching a tangible instant print develop.

Instant cameras are also great for sharing with the whole family, regardless of age or photography know-how. They’re well-suited to capturing the moment in a casual and inclusive manner, in part because the toylike appearance of instant cameras puts people at ease more than a serious-looking DSLR. The very novelty of an image that isn’t instantly posted to social media may also inspire more uninhibited poses. And in this age of digital files that are easily duplicated, there’s nothing quite like taking someone’s picture and moments later giving them the only version of it in the world.

That said, instant cameras are a decidedly retro proposition with a limited set of features. You don’t get a zoom lens. You won’t see an onscreen preview of how the lighting and contrast will affect your photograph, so you can’t predict how the photo will turn out. But those shortcomings are part of what most people love about instant cameras. If you’re not interested in a camera with such limitations, a digital camera would be a better choice for you.

What Features to Look for in an Instant Camera?

In choosing cameras to test for this update, we looked for models that fit these criteria:

  • Easy to use: This should be a fun camera that can be enjoyed without much instruction or a big learning curve. And although sharing much of anything is a bit taboo these days, we still believe part of the allure of an instant camera is being able to pass it around, again, without much instruction, at any social gathering.
  • Reasonably priced film: No instant film is cheap, but if the price is significantly more than $1 a print, you have to get a really nice photo to warrant that kind of expense.
  • Creative controls: The simple, point-and-shoot fun of instant photos is great, but better instant cameras will also let you make minor adjustments to exposures, or even make multiple exposures on a single print to keep the experience fresh.
  • Decent battery life: You should never have to bring more than one set of spare batteries when you take your instant camera out for the day. We looked for cameras that are rated to let you shoot at least 100 photos with a set of batteries and gave extra points to those that we're able to shoot many more than that before exhausting their power supply.

What are the Best Selling Film Cameras?

Fujifilm’s Instax brand might be the most popular instant film camera of choice. It's become THE camera to use for parties, wedding receptions, and small gatherings as an immediate, personable gift to give your beloved company. On the SQ1, Fujifilm has removed multiple manual controls found on the previous model, the SQ6, and created a point-and-shoot instant camera that's incredibly simple to use. Although the controls are more limited, the improved auto-exposure system in the new Instax Square SQ1 delivers better-looking instant photos than the previous model.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Instant Cameras used for?

Instant film cameras are used for capturing smooth camera footage while on the move (whether that's while taking a walk, running, climbing, driving, etc.) by stabilizing and supporting your camera along its axes. Gimbals can give videos (even shot on smartphones) a rich, cinematic look.

How much do Instant Cameras cost?

Just like professional cameras come in all shapes and sizes, instant cameras come at different prices. Instant film cameras can cost under $100, but that depends on their features. At Moment, we have low-priced cameras for every instant of your life.

The cheapest options are simpler with basic settings, while the more expensive models offer a broader range of features, such as macro focus modes.

Is it still worth it buying Instant Cameras?

Yes. Instant film cameras are the simplest way to capture the smoothest instant of your life while saving that physical memory for life. Test your creativity with different scenes and modes, on different days, and shooting with plenty of natural light (or alternatively, a handy flash). Be ready to catch all the action when adventure strikes, wherever it takes you, with your favorite instant camera and a good supply of fresh, chilled Instant Film.

Choosing the Best Instant Film Camera

If you need help deciding which instant camera would leverage your instant photography eye, contact one of our Gear Guides. We’ll match you to the right guide based on your experience and style, and help to find the right camera for you.