Fred Agho

Fred is a commercial and portrait photographer currently residing in Houston.

Brands Worked With

  • Fujifilm
  • Nike
  • Publixs
  • NBC

Creative Interests

  • Portrait Photography
  • Editorial and Music Photography
  • Drones and aerial photography

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Fred Agho


Fred "FUJIFRED" Agho is from Houston, Texas, by way of Lagos, Nigeria! He is the first born son who went head first into most things in his life.

He started his photography journey by photographing his collegiate football teammates, and his love of image-making grew. Fred’s passion for portrait photography comes from his love of connecting with people. People and things around me inspire Fred. He sees things and life in a colorful manner, He uses his imagery to convey his perception of the world. But over all things, Fred uses photography to amplify the voices of his community. In his words: “I grab inspiration from life experiences.”

Fred recently collaborated with FUJIFILM on the "Greatest American Roadtrip" campaign in which he had to travel out of his normal comfort zone of the big city, to deep west Texas to showcase what the GFX50sII could do on location.