Andrei Restrepo

Andrei Restrepo is a Houston, TX based photographer & video creator, who primarily shoots in the real estate & wedding space.

Brands Worked With

  • Moza
  • Feiyutech
  • Lensball

Creative Interests

  • Creative Photography
  • Making YouTube videos
  • Onewheeling

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Andrei Restrepo


Andrei was born & raised in Houston, TX and resides there with his wife, Emily, and his 9 month old daughter, Allie. While his first dream was to be a touring musician, Andrei picked up a camera almost 7 years ago and hasn't put it down since. What started as a goal to build a following on Instagram with his Creative Photography, led to creating a name for himself as a freelance photographer in the Houston area. While Andrei loves to do creative photography with his wife, he primarily shoots in the Real Estate and Wedding space. He works with realtors and real estate companies in the Houston area to photograph high-end listings, and create modern videos of the properties. Currently, he is building a real estate media business with big plans to expand and grow his team. He also works as a wedding photographer and videographer. When he's not running his freelance business, he is at home making photo/video tutorials for his YouTube channel and hanging out with his wife and baby.