NYC-based analog photographer, Willem Verbeek, captures modern day portraits of people and lifescapes in their truest form. His subtle hues, timeless subjects, and near perfect compositions remind the everyday viewer the beauty of surrounding life.

Through this grant, he challenged the community to go above and beyond to create something meaningful—on film! 

This particular grant was entirely film-based. Made by a film photographer, for the film photographer. The theme is about shooting close to home; whether that’s your family, friends, neighborhood, or home state. What’s home to you?

Grant Recipients submitted their pitch and were selected by Willem. Each received a Canon AE1 camera, Kodak Professional Film, credit to the Moment Shop, 2 Moment lessons, and a 30-minute mentorship with Willem himself.

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Melchi Dompreh

“‘Home is where the heart is’ the famous saying goes. But sometimes, you often wonder what is beyond the picket fences. What is beyond the tall trees, beyond the endless ocean, within those cities of concrete.

You tend to wonder.

And so whether to stay put at home where things are familiar and comfortable or to go out and venture into the unknown can leave you feeling both restless and idle, especially when you’re young."

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Natalie Tlustosova

“In my project for the Willem grant, I've highlighted very specific spots from my childhood. The yard still here with me after 20 years, and they don't change. When I see the things I photograph, I simply see the memories behind them; my childhood, family, etc. There is always change in our lives, and while that's a good thing, we always appreciate what stays to remind my what I've almost forgotten.

When I look at such photographs, it's like a time-travel."

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Shinade Walters

“Being Black and British can feel like quite a dichotomy especially when your cultural roots are very strong.

‘Home’ depicts the lives of three individuals born in Britain from a Jamaican heritage, focussing on what elements are the most important and defining to them. Whilst day to day these individuals are amongst friends and colleagues with whom they share commonalities, when at ‘home’ what role is played? What is central to their identity and how have previous generations impacted this?..."

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Jules Mogul

“My project is called, "Visitation", and it's about my growing relationship with nature explored through a supernatural, paranormal lens. This was inspired by a strange experience I had where I saw bright lights in the sky that I couldn't explain. it's also inspired by how spending more time outside has positively affected my mental health. The themes of this project are watching and looking, which are both kind of watching the skies hoping to see something but also looking around to the beauty of everyday life. It's also about feeling small in relation to both nature and the universe, while coping with the feeling that brings..."

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Julien Machuca

It's a way of exploring the theme of time.

This project is a series of images that I've compiled myself. The photographs themselves are focused on the light that passes through the home. It's a way of exploring the theme of time — the time that has passed in the home, and how this deepens and signifies the relationship between not only my family but people in general and the time they spend together in their homes..."

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