Moment x Willem Verbeeck Grant Recipient

Jules Mogul

My project is called, "Visitation", and it's about my growing relationship with nature explored through a supernatural, paranormal lens. This was inspired by a strange experience I had where I saw bright lights in the sky that I couldn't explain. it's also inspired by how spending more time outside has positively affected my mental health. The themes of this project are watching and looking, which are both kind of watching the skies hoping to see something but also looking around to the beauty of everyday life. It's also about feeling small in relation to both nature and the universe, while coping with the feeling that brings.

The most challenging part of this project was the amount of time to complete it. I've never done a project on film with such a tight turnaround, so I shot for about a week straight to allow time for the mail and the lab. It was quite different from, I usually kind of wait for whatever the right weather conditions are for the ideal scenery. Though, in this project I had to take whatever the day gave me and tried to compose a photo I could make that would work for this vision.

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