Moment x Willem Verbeeck Grant Recipient

Melchi Dompreh

‘Home is where the heart is’ the famous saying goes. But sometimes, you often wonder what is beyond the picket fences. What is beyond the tall trees, beyond the endless ocean, within those cities of concrete.

You tend to wonder.

And so whether to stay put at home where things are familiar and comfortable or to go out and venture into the unknown can leave you feeling both restless and idle, especially when you’re young.

Hello! My name is Melchi Dompreh and this is my series of ‘Loud Whispers’. My Poetic Journal through film. Having the opportunity to present this project has really helped me hone in and focus on a meaningful collection of images that embodies this series.

This series visually illustrates the struggles and inner turmoil a young person can face in this world. When it comes to figuring out what one should do with his or her life, the transition from adolescent comforts into adulthood can be daunting.

And at times, one can feel lost as they wander aimlessly, trying to find a reason to move forward, whilst they come face to face with the harsh realities that exist within this world. 

But undertones of hope and sustained joy ripples through this mellowed perspective. The exuberance of youth drives excitement for adventure and discovery as a young person takes positive steps forward

Overcoming hardships and moving triumphantly towards a promising future is what makes the temporary pain and sacrifice rewarding in the end

This series is ongoing but I hope you have found a measure of inspiration in this as well.

I’d like to think that this is some sort of a poetic illustration of life in general. But to be more exact and personal, it is a story of my life and the trouble that goes on inside of my mind and heart. The hope that I have for the future is a bright and assured one. Either I give up and fold under the pressure or continue moving forward as I endure with joy in my youthful heart.

I must continue on.

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