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In the early days, businesses were always associated with a brick-and-mortar store. Similarly, learning about business was also dedicated to business schools. So, when an individual wanted to learn about new businesses, it became tough for them to do so. But well, things have changed now, and several crucial business lessons are now available in the online business lessons.

While several creators enter the creative industry to follow their passion, there are a few who would begin the business development process - right from day one. If you are a creator with a business idea, then there is no better time to implement your business model than today itself. Sure, several businesses fail fast - and there is no guarantee of a successful business. But trying something is always going to be better than not trying anything.

If you are still searching for a business idea and want to start an online business through your pre-existing skills, you can definitely check our online lessons that would help you kickstart a small business. And if you want to learn some new skills related to business, then our business lessons can help you out in that too!

What is an online business lesson, and how would it help me?

An online business lesson would basically teach you about starting a business from scratch. It'll include information on how to define your company's core values - before even getting to the business side. Also, it will teach you about creating a leadership team that can help all the team members - which would indeed have a positive impact on your business.

Learning more about business strategies is extremely important - as they will indeed help you define a business plan. If you are unable to define it well, the business might as well fail fast. Most businesses that focus more on selling first would fail as they have failed to lay down a strong foundation for their business.

By investing in an online business lesson, you will learn many different business strategies to lay down a stronger foundation for your business. Now, once you have learned more about business processes, you will have a clear vision and will be able to go ahead with full force and build your business from the ground up - and that too, really fast.

Investing time, energy, and money in business lessons can really help you at a later stage. These lessons can sometimes be so worthy that they will help you save more cost - once you start a business. Earlier investments in lessons can give you exponential gains in future businesses.

Why is it important to own an online business today?

Today, we are living in tough times. In earlier days, people considered a physical store to be the way of business. However, today, online shopping has been all the rage. Many businesses that only used to have offline stores - have also started coming to the online world. It is definitely a new process for several businesses and also an important lesson is yet again reminded to us that - nothing is constant - and everything changes.

With this important life lesson that has hit several business owners today, it gets more important to own an online business today. And well, there are several advantages to owning one as well. So, let's discuss a few of these advantages here.


Starting an online business is one of the most cost-effective ways of doing business. While several companies would have huge cash reserves through their offline business earnings, you don't really need them with the online businesses. One can start online businesses with minimal funds - and one can easily continue building it over time as the cost that is being put aside for the business is too low.

Being a cost-effective option doesn't mean you won't be able to earn more money. You can earn a decent living from online businesses - given that you have good products or services. The online business industry is a little competitive - so having the best ideas - and even better products - is given high importance.

And just like the online businesses, online business lessons are cost-effective too - while providing great value to the learner.

Can implement continuous improvement to the business model

When you invest in a physical store, you are basically bound to be in that store and follow the same business model for a few years - unless you make huge profits from the first day. Renovations and changes in the business model can happen after a few years - but well, it will most definitely be expensive. However, things are completely different for online businesses.

When you are building an online business, your basic cost of investment is pretty low. So, whenever you want to implement a change - whether in terms of visual changes to the store or a complete change to the business model, you will do that efficiently. All thanks to the money saved earlier, allowing you to re-invest them later and implement continuous improvements to the business model.

Can invest time and money - based on your preference

While most businesses would allow you to do this, you can notice it more with an online business. Once a business model is set up for an online business - and everything is implemented, it can literally run by itself for the most part - and that too 24/7. Customers can come in and make the purchase - and the system can implement those orders while working with the partners.

And in the meantime, you can decide to start investing your time and money in different business projects - and expand your business portfolio. Such strategies are useful to learn at an early point - and well, the online business lessons definitely help out in that.

The physical shop of the company isn't required

When you start an online store, all your clients can easily visit your website and shop through that. You might need to partner with a carrier company that can hold stock in the warehouse and fulfills your orders. But a physical store is definitely not a requirement for your company. Later, when you want to enter the offline business, you can get a physical store - but it's not required.

Build strong relationships with potential customers

People tend to like a business and would even buy more when they see a relatable person on the other end. When you own an online business, it is crucial to look out for success in the long run. And to achieve that, you will need to build strong relationships with potential customers.

A potential customer might leave with a physical store if you don't have a product they are looking for. However, with an online business, when a conversation begins with potential customers, it doesn't really matter if you have the exact product in your store or not. What matters is that your company is ready to help out these customers in solving their problems.

When you do this, these potential customers will indeed come to you in the future to buy something they need. And in this process, they wouldn't even think about other competition - as service matters.

Helping throughout the customer journey

When you build an online business, it is essential to stay humble and help the customers throughout their journey with the company. It doesn't really matter if you are a founder or a co-founder of the company - as helping out customers with their problems should always be the priority. This should also be a part of the shared vision of the company's owners - as, without this, one won't be able to build a brand.

Marketing and branding is easier

When we compare the marketing and branding of an online business with a local business, it is very apparent that doing it for the online business is much easier. With an online business, you can easily market it through various ads and social presence - which will indeed help in branding. However, similar ad space for a local business on a physical banner would be tougher and costlier.

When we say that marketing and branding are easier, it doesn't mean it will all magically happen in a day. You will still need to work out to build your business every single day - and just like every other business, this will take time too. Being easier doesn't mean being instant. However, success can be achieved in the long run - if you do things right.

Do online businesses work?

If you want the answer in a single word, then the answer would be - Yes.

However, things aren't that simple too. Businesses take time to build up. And while the online business lessons would help you initially, the concepts that you learn from them need to be implemented throughout the lifetime of the business.

Sometimes, even though you implement those online lessons with your business, you might encounter practical difficulties. And such lessons learned through practical difficulties are the best lessons in a business. And as they are learned practically, you will never forget about them.

Ups and downs are a part of the business - and it can happen with every business. However, with certain strategies in place, you can ensure that the business will work out for you. Sure, some businesses fail too - but that's again how businesses work.

Online businesses work - if you are dedicated to making it work. They are not an overnight get-rich-quick scheme. They still need time to grow - but can prove to be successful in the long run. And to learn more about how to make them successful, one can take up a course for the same and learn the basics while also implementing those things in practical business situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We totally understand that when one starts getting new ideas for businesses, one can't stop the urge to watch a lesson as quickly as possible. We also understand that before you purchase any lesson, you might have questions regarding these lessons - and would like to know if they will work out for you or not. Don't worry much as we have answers to your questions.

We have prepared a list of some of the most frequently asked questions - where we might have answered your question already.

Is it guaranteed to own a successful business after going through one of the lessons on your store?

The answer to this question would be an absolute - No.

Starting a business comes with its own risk factors. While some of the business lessons would help you realize those risk factors at an early stage, the success of a business is still dependent on how you will run it. Business lessons can teach you strategies - but practical implementation still depends on the business owners.

Is it possible to be a freelancing photography business owner after taking up a lesson?

It is definitely possible to be a freelancing photography business owner after taking up a lesson. If you look forward to being a freelance photographer, you should definitely check out our lesson - How to become a freelance photographer with Isaac Johnston. While this won't guarantee you a hundred percent success, you can definitely learn the strategies to get started with it - and implement them in your business.

What are the valuable business lessons you would recommend for working and shooting for brands?

We have a couple of lessons that would teach how to get to shoot with brands.

You can go with either of those lessons - as they are both really great. None of these would likely disappoint you as they are packed with a lot of knowledge from those creators who have been successful in the industry.

What do you need to be a small business owner in the creative industry?

To be a small business owner in the creative industry, you need to have the basic gear for your work and a good portfolio - if you are selling services. However, if you are selling physical products, you will need a great product that offers decent value to clients.

It doesn't matter if your business is small or huge. If your product or service is good, clients will easily follow in. Just keep doing the work - and don't forget to promote it in the right way.

What are the valuable lessons that one can learn by starting small businesses?

Patience is probably the most important lesson one can learn by starting a small business. Sure, when you start a small business, you will also learn about the fundamentals of running a business - along with managing finances and teams. But the most important lesson that one would learn here - would be patience.

Going through the ups and downs of business isn't easy - and would require a lot of patience to get through it. Besides patience, you will definitely learn a lot more about management and finances as you continue to grow further.

Is it possible to create a sales funnel through an online creative business?

Absolutely. If your product or service offering is great, creating a sales funnel through an online creative business is really easy. However, before you do that, you will need to get the attention of your potential customers by building a portfolio. Having a good portfolio - whether for products or services - is the basis of creating a sales funnel.

Which course should I opt for if I want to learn about shooting professional business interviews?

Shooting professional business interviews can be challenging - and we totally understand that. However, to help you get started with shooting such interviews, we have a lesson in our store - How to Shoot Professional Interviews with Valentina Vee. This would greatly help you out for any of your interview shoots in the future.

Is it possible to get some free online business lessons in your shop?

Yes, that's possible with the business lessons in our shop.

While we can't offer a full course for free, we can definitely offer you one segment from the course - totally free of cost. We believe that when you watch this free segment, you should make a better decision about purchasing the lesson. Investing in a good and relevant business lesson is important - and we totally understand that.

To take advantage of this offer, visit the lesson page you are willing to buy - and scroll down on that page. You will find an email field in a section that is present after the introduction section of all the different lessons in the course. Once you submit your email ID, you will get access to one of the segments from that selected lesson.

Can small business owners like me benefit from these lessons?

Absolutely. Small business owners can definitely benefit from these business lessons as they'll help you learn some of the strategies that are used by the Pros - to grow further ahead. And when you start implementing these strategies well, you'll also see a rise in your own business. For any small business owner, these lessons are a gem!

Where should I start to learn about business?

If you want to start learning more about business, then you are already at the right place.

The best place to start learning about business processes is by going through an online business lesson. Based on what you are looking to learn, you will find different courses in our shop - so that you can easily specialize in one field that you want to start a business in.

Wrap Up

We believe that with the knowledge bomb that we have dropped here, you will be easily able to make a purchase decision for your business lesson. However, if you still have any more questions about the lessons or face any issues accessing a lesson, feel free to reach out to one of our Gear Guides. They'll be right there to help you out.