• Instructors

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    Colin and Samir

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You have a passion for storytelling through video and are ready to take the next step towards building your skillset and your audience.

  • What You Get

    2.5 hours of learning

    + 13 Segments

    + Storytelling templates

    + "The Idea Checklist" PDF

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn to

    Define the audience for your videos and get them to share your stories

    • Plan and produce your ideas with storyboarding and scripting
    • Understand what makes a good idea, a good story
    • Ensure that your videos build a real community, not just get views.
    • Write and produce videos like Colin and Samir

What You'll Learn

Colin and Samir will take you through the step-by-step process to develop and craft videos that people will want to share.

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Intro - Who We Are and Why You’re Here


Who are Colin and Samir? To kick it off, you'll meet your instructors and learn why your concept for a video is paramount. You can’t steer a bike that isn’t moving; the same applies to creativity. Your instructors will take you through creative exercise to get your juices flowing. Brainstorm incoming.

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The Audience


Who's your audience and why should they care about your work? Once you know who your audience is, it’s time to refine the picture....

Segment 3 Segment 3 | placeholder

The Ideas


You’ll learn how to develop an idea with drive. Learn how to craft an award-winning concept that will carry your video to success....

Segment 4 Segment 4 | placeholder

Storytelling 101


Colin and Samir lay out the core tenants of storytelling in a 3-act structure. What makes a good story? Learn to write and record ...

Segment 5 Segment 5 | placeholder

Pressing Publish


Colin and Samir cover the "grassroots approach" to finding your audience, and how to use the feedback loop of the film, edit, uplo...

Segment 6 Segment 6 | placeholder

Wrap Up


Colin and Samir run through their story and their past mistakes, so you don't have to make them. Now, go make something awesome...

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BONUS SECTION: Breaking Down the Breakdown


In this bonus section (including 5 additional episodes), Colin & Samir lay out the process from start to finish of making a YouTub...

Class Extras

Get more out of the lesson with storytelling templates, and a chance to win a 1-on-1 brainstorming session with Colin and Samir.

Colin and Samir

Friends and storytellers.
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11 reviews from 0 Students
Marco Cavaggion


After searching for a long time this is the best course for storytelling. In every course i always find a 3 arch structure of story. But Colin & Samir explain the part before the story (audience) and the structure and mindset to built a story.

Christopher Bateman

Great information

I started a YT channel last year and I wish I had watched this before I started. Thank you for making storytelling understandable, I like the Jenga example that was used.

Justin McDonough

Easily one of the most valuable online courses out there.

There is so much information packaged in such an accessible way in this lesson. This is a no brainer for me to recommend to anyone!

ian tognon

Do I really have to say anything?

Just buy the damn course. If you think they can entertain you with a video and make you want to share it in this course you're gonna learn exactly how they do it and how much they actually know about youtube and storytelling. By the end of the course, you're surely gonna be making better videos and telling better stories

Elijah Collins

Blew my mind

This course has given me insight into how I want to establish my business. I've feared being behind the camera but understand the importance of telling a story. I've started to use the exercises in other aspects of my workflow and have seen great results.

mahad sharmarke

YouTube Storytelling

Great Course!

Edward Crockett

On Brand for C&S

Loved their content for a hot minute. Used this on a video I did to start a new series for students. Was WAYYYY better than it would've been without this course. Thanks guys. Imma fan of your work. Quality work, as usual.

Javier Pereyra

So worth it!

I wasn't expecting to be this good. But boy, Colin and Samir along the moment team went above and beyond! Not only the course is engaging an entertaining but it also gives you a lot of external sources to watch and a storytelling guide to go along with the course (extremely useful). I learned a bunch with this course. It has helped me to organize my thought and ideas for future videos. I strongly suggest this course! Thank you Colin and Samir! and congrats moment team for putting this together! Very well done! Much love, @PlanetPrince

Cody Turner

I've Been Doing It All Wrong... Until Now!

This lesson was just what I needed to level up my storytelling abilities. Colin and Samir did a great job breaking down their process in a simple and captivating way. You can't help but what to start creating your own stories after watching this lesson. Thank you Moment and thank you Colin and Samir!

Michael Baker

Great Creators Make A Great Lesson

I’ve been a longtime sub of Colin and Samir and was hyped when they dropped a class with Moment. There are some solid techniques to help you nail your videos, but there’s also a ton more. The class is going to be continually updated over the next couple of months and there’s a great community Slack channel to brainstorm/workshop with other creatives.