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Take the Edge Off Your Shots.

Introducing CineBloom Diffusion Filters

Capture dreamy, film-like vibes straight out of a camera.
Made for phones and cameras.

With CineBloom

Blooms light and softens hard edges, no post-processing required.

Without CineBloom

Contrasty, clinically sharp image.

To put the CineBloom to the test, we filmed Spotify Canvases with The Marías.

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What is a Diffusion Filter?

The CineBloom Diffusion Filter takes the edge off your digital sensor. It not only catches and blooms light, but softens hard edges and has a smoothing effect on skin tones, making wrinkles less noticeable. Escape the clinical, ultra-sharp look of digital with this specialty glass.

What Makes it Unique?

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Inspired by CineBloom, made for RTRO.

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