Drone Filters

Get your shutter speed right and master the light, even on your drone, with these filters made specifically for your bird.

Learn More About DJI Drone Filters

You’re so good you can pilot your drone with your eyes closed, but no matter how skilled you get at flying your mechanical bird, you’ll need the right drone filters to achieve real cinematic experiences with its camera. At Moment, that’s just what we give you -- guidance & gear included.

If you’re a newbie, an expert, or somewhere in between just trying to keep up with the latest in photography & filmmaking gadgetry, stick around. We’ll cover what drone filters are, use cases for them, and show you the best filters for DJI drone users we sell here at our shop.

Let’s get it.

What The Heck Are DJI Drone Filters?

A DJI drone filter is similar to DSLR camera filters (use cases and all). It's a small piece that snaps on perfectly (and satisfyingly) to your drone camera to help you control light and create different effects. Pretty simple.

We make all sorts of elegant filters for smartphones, DSLR cameras, and drones, but since we know what you came here for, we’re going to talk exclusively about filters for DJI drones and how they can help you create your best work.

Let’s learn a little more about the types of filters and their uses before giving our recommendations. It's only fair.

Neutral Density (ND) Filters: Drone Camera Filters For Landscape Photography & More

So the first type of filter you should know about is the Neutral Density (ND) filter, also referred to as grey filters. These attachments are favorites among photographers and videographers for landscape shots. ND filters reduce the amount of light that enters your drone’s lens without influencing the actual color of your footage. Cool people refer to these filters as “sunglasses for your camera.” The ND filters give your videos a more cinematic look and feel.

ND filters increase the shutter speed to darken images, but the higher shutter speed tends to over sharpen recordings. Pick your poison. A quick rule of thumb for capturing the most cinematic shots while using an ND filter is to keep your shutter speed at double your frame rate (also known as the 180 rule).

You can get ND filters in different “levels.” The lower value and lighter the glass, the less light it absorbs. The higher the value and darker the glass, the more light it absorbs. Levels are identified with numbers ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, or ND64.

Trust that it gets much more technical than that.

But the bottom line is that ND filters give you control of the light that comes into your camera, helping you achieve cinematic blur while relieving you from the hassle of carrying multiple lenses for different lighting conditions.

We produce our own best-in-market version of these filters that mount either over your drone's anamorphic lens or just your drone's native camera.

Check out Mike’s demo of the Moment ND filter and judge our opinion for yourself.

Circular Polarizer/Linear (CPL) Drone Filters

Circular Polarizer/Linear drone filters aren’t necessary for beginner videographers. They help reduce the glare and reflections from surfaces and make your shots look more professional. Call these “polarized sunglasses.”

You can use your CPL filter in conjunction with ND filters if you want to capture the best aerial image humanly possible. We also make these filters in-house, and they too are best-in-market *we acknowledge humbly*.

Ultraviolet (UV) Drone Filter

UltraViolet Drone filters reduce the amount of UV light that reaches your sensor. These used to be more of a big deal back in the day, but not so much anymore because of modern drone technology, so no need to spend too much time here. One thing to point out is that besides blocking UV light, these filters protect your lens from scratches. There's a solid chance your drone may come stock with this filter. And no, we don’t make UV filters in-house.

Benefits of Drone Filters for Drone Photography

DJI filters help capture richer + more controlled photos and videos that you can’t fix post-production/post-processing, making them a vital component of your photography or videography gear bag.

As we can glean from what we learned about the main types of DJI filters, they're helpful for novice and established drone photographers to capture even more stunning images by allowing you to control certain aspects of light and more. From reveal-shots to tracking and panning shots, orbit shots, overhead shots, and any other angle, if you want to progress in your photography and videography skills, filters are a go-to tool.

Compare how photography comes out before and after implementing a filter such as Moment’s ND.

So we learned what drone filters are, went over a couple of use cases and benefits. Now it’s time to show you what we’ve got.

Professional Quality Filters for Pilots

There are plenty of brands on the internet. Some are great, some not so much. But since we only carry the best, we’ll focus on drone filters for the DJI Mavic lineup.

Mavic Air Filters

As mentioned, we have a couple of Mavic Air ND filter options that we developed in our lab here at Moment. They’re world-class in performance and sleek & light in design, plus guaranteed to give you the most cinematic version of any drone filters you can buy.

Our red Mavic Air ND Filters and Mavic Air CPL Filters are rugged, made with our award-winning glass, and created using aero-space material to help cut unnecessary weight to maintain ultimate gimbal functionality. Pick either one up now for under 20 bucks. Learn more about Mavic Air Filter and see it in action during Caleb and the gang’s trip to Iceland.

Just scroll up and filter your search to view the rest of our lineup of Mavic filters, including filters for the Mavic Pro and Zoom.

Perfect Filter Set for Cinematographers

Looking for an entire set of drone filters? We carry a six-pack set of our Mavic 2 Pro Cine ND Filters that’ll get you through any lighting scenario. Just getting started? Get your hands on the DJI Mavic Filmmaker Bundle by Moment -- the pack includes literally everything you need to get started flying on your Mavic drone [of choice].

We covered a lot of ground here and provided some sweet video resources for the more visual/auditory folks among us. Now let’s tackle some of your frequently asked questions before you hit that “Checkout” button.

Btw, if you're not quite the drone head and just need gear for your cameras, check out our camera lenses and camera filter categories. Good stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need filters for my drone?

Yes. If you want to get the most out of your drone photography and capture the best moments while having full control over lighting, you need a drone filter or two. Moment has a wide selection of lightweight drone filters for DJI drones, bundles, guides on how to use them, and more.

What are ND Filters for drones?

ND (which stands for Neutral Density) filters for drones are sunglasses for your drone. You attach a lens-type piece to your drone’s camera to reduce the amount of light that enters your drone’s lens without influencing the actual color of your footage, giving your shots a buttery cinematic blur.

Are DJI ND filters good?

DJI ND filters are great at improving your aerial shots. But we believe that the ND filters created in-house at Moment’s lab are the best in the market. Offering unmatched cinematic performance, complete control, constructed from ultra-lightweight and durable aero-space materials, and award-winning glass. Pick one up for under $20.

Wrap Up

Once you get comfortable piloting your drone and navigating its native functions, creators who want to improve on the look and feel of their photos -- especially those going for a cinematic style, drone filters are a necessary tool to add to your bag. Thankfully, we have all the lenses you need and more here in our shop (with the best ones created here in-house). We hope we answered your burning questions about drone lenses and helped you see the light. If you need further assistance, grab a Gear Guide to help you find the perfect lens for your next aerial photo shoot. Happy shopping!