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Moment Variable ND Filters.

58-82mm for phones, lenses, and cameras.

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Moment vnd webready 1538

Moment Variable ND Filters

They're like sunglasses for your camera.

Drone Filters

Variable NDs for your Mavic

We’ve shot with a lot of filters.

They were either too expensive or the quality wasn’t there. None of them hit the sweet spot on affordability, functionality, and we made our own.

What Makes it Unique?

What Is A Variable ND Filter?

Neutral Density filters are like sunglasses for your camera lens. A Variable does the same thing but it lets you adjust the strength of the filter by rotating the filter ring. This way, instead of carrying around multiple filters for different lighting conditions, you can carry just one and adjust for your specific shot.

With a VND

Buttery smooth with dynamic range.

Without a VND

Jittery footage with unbalanced exposure.

Whether you want to take your beginner footage to a pro-level or you're looking to capture images with beautiful motion blur the Variable ND allows you to achieve a desired cinematic motion blur no matter the conditions.