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Women & Non-Binary Grant Recipient

Royal Scales

For me, this project has been an exploration of self. It's important to check in with myself, my mood, and how such changes affect the way I perceive my given person. There were many unpredictable questions that popped up along the way that helped guide the project in a way that ultimately made this process more rich and fulfilling. In many ways, this project has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin, which alludes to this overarching existential umbrella of quarantine that I have experienced.

Some of those questions that I picked up along the way were what surprised me most about my project. I set out to explore how my mood impacts my own self expression, but I tended to wrestle with this idea of gender euphoria throughout. What is this and how does it affect me? What does it mean to present myself in a way that I feel most comfortable in? I then found that small modifications are what helped shape the way I ultimately found myself.

So, how did I plan for a shoot like this? Well, a lot of it changes along the way. I knew that I wanted to play with fun angles and mediums; to assign a particular feeling for each medium more specifically. There were so many details I had picked up on along the way that forced me to reshoot certain concepts. I wanted each portraits' emotions to honestly reflect how I was truly feeling in that moment, making the process more emotionally consuming than ever imagined. Checking in with oneself is important, as changes are bound to happen with any project. It's all about honoring your work and going with the flow.

I love that I've found a new version of myself that makes me feel more at home.

Moment Creator Grant #2 - Female x Non-Binary Recipients

Moment x @tiffpenguin x Sony x WANDRD

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