13 Easy Gift Ideas for the Photographer, Influencer, & Content Creator

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Excellent quality means timeless aesthetics yet functional needs for everyday living. The team at Moment proudly helps build, produce, and support products that build the foundation for a creative lifestyle. Each being a photographer, filmmaker, designer, or engineer — we gathered the voices and minds behind our brands to pick all-star items in the shop that serves as the perfect gift for that creative person in your life, no matter the occasion.

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1. Crossbody Wallet

Best For: Small everyday carry.

This is the smallest bag that still fits what you need (mostly cards, ID, keys, and a passport if you really need it). Looks nice with everything and the crossbody makes you feel like everything is safe while traveling. It patinas gorgeously and offers a sleek profile that's perfect for a night out on the town or a casual stroll at the grocery store.

  • Rope wrist and crossbody straps included.
  • Scratch-free, microfiber-lined pockets.
  • The height accommodates the size of passports and plus-size phones.
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Crossbody Wallet - Natural Lether


It’s a clutch, but not a clutch. It’s a crossbody wallet for carrying your essentials when hanging in the city (or in the mountains). The three pocket design means you can carry your phone (yes, plus ...

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2. Evergreen Leather Camera Strap

Best For: Lovers of good design who want an upgraded camera strap.

The strap was aesthetically designed after vintage film camera straps with the modern comfort of the microfiber backing. The back side of the leather strap is lined with an ultra-soft microfiber suede for comfort. Plus, it's absolutely stunning for nearly any camera you carry.

  • 38" Length
  • Genuine Leather
  • Hand Stitched Waxed Threads
  • 1/2" Minimalist Design
  • Comfort Soft Touch Backing
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3. Moment Lens Starter Kit for iPhone

Best For: Mobile photographers and filmmakers.

Not sure where to start? We've got you. This set includes two bestselling mobile Moment lenses, perfect for capturing more than you ever could with your phone alone, plus everything else you would need to get started. Our phone case has a mounting system for the lens, and our lens pen keeps your glass squeaky clean.

  • The new Thinner (M) Force magnet array is 15% stronger and fully compatible with MagSafe charging and mount accessories. Works great with Moment Mounts for MagSafe
  • Magnet array facilitates fast wireless charging. Compatible with Qi & Qi2 wireless chargers.
  • Reinforced wrist strap attachments to add (or take off) a wrist strap easily.
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4. Polaroid Now+ Instant Camera

Best For: Partygoers and photographers wanting a top-notch instant camera.

Polaroid's Now+ is their coolest camera, giving the classic analog instant camera a modern twist with even more creative features. It has 5 new lens filters to play with and unlocks two additional tools in the Polaroid mobile app: aperture priority and tripod mode. Dive into fun techniques like light painting, double exposure, and manual mode. And with a tripod mount, you can keep all your creative shots steady, all within that iconic Polaroid square frame.

  • Instant Film Camera
  • Accepts i-Type and 600 Instant Film
  • Dual Lens Design with Autofocus
  • Integrated Optical Viewfinder
  • Self-Timer and Double Exposure Functions
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Now + Instant Film Camera - Gen 1


Polaroid's most creative camera yet. The Now+ is Polaroid's revamped analog instant camera with even more creative tools. Get 5 new lens filters, and unlock two extra tools — aperture priority and tri...

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5. Moment Adjustable Leather Neck Strap

Best For: A cleaner, sleeker look to carry your camera or phone.

This beauty is perfect for replacing a bulky DSLR strap with a prettier, more comfortable leather neck strap. You can switch between having the strap attached to your camera, phone, or crossbody wallet. The neck is lined with microfiber, and the 10-stop matte black buckles are easy to adjust for wearing cross-body. Wherever your free time takes you, this strap can keep up. Choose your preferred length with a range of 37 inches to 44 inches.

  • Can be used as a neck strap or crossbody strap
  • Features our new quick-release system.
  • Built to work with your phone or camera.
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6. JOBY HandyPod 2

Best For: Anyone needing a tripod for vlogging at festivals, events, or errand runs.

HandyPod 2 is a mini tripod for content creators looking for a lightweight, portable, easy-to-use support system. It helps you capture challenging, steady, smooth video shots. It's perfect as a grab-and-go solution to stabilizing footage when you're out and about traveling or running errands. It even fits in a 2L sling to bring it to festivals and events without an issue.

  • Works as a tabletop tripod or as a handheld support
  • Locking wheel nut
  • Push Button adjustable ball head
  • Supports hardware up to 1kg
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HandyPod 2 - Mini Tripod


HandyPod 2 is a mini tripod for content creators looking for a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use support system. It helps you to flawlessly capture challenging video shots that are steady and smo...

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7. CineBloom Diffusion Filters

Best For: Photographers or filmmakers needing a dreamy, romantic look without editing software.

CineBloom Diffusion Filters are like magic for making your footage look dreamy and filmic, moving away from that too-sharp digital vibe. They come in 10%, and 20% densities, not just softening light but also smoothing out skin tones and making wrinkles less visible. We craft these filters with a layer of NanoBlack particles sandwiched between premium Japanese glass, ensuring you keep that crisp image quality. The filter's frame is made from super strong aerospace metal, slim enough to let you stack another filter on top—perfect for adding an ND or VND filter to nail those cinematic shots and motion blur.

  • Available in densities of 10% (1/2), and 20% (1)
  • Premium Japanese Optical glass for superior image clarity
  • Easily stacks underneath Moment Variable ND Filters
  • Knurled grip for easy removal
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8. Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap

Best For: Quick carry for any camera, keep your neck strained-free!

Peak Design's clutch strap is all about quick access and easy adjustments, letting you secure your camera in a flash when needed. Made with a tough Hypalon exterior, a soft microfiber pad, and sturdy aluminum hardware, it's designed to last and inspired by the best climbing equipment. It connects to your camera in two spots: the strap mount via a strong Hypalon loop and the tripod mount with our sleek, Arca-compatible Standard Plate. Plus, it's fully compatible with other Peak Design straps and the Capture Clip, though those are sold separately.

  • Attaches quickly with Peak Designs Anchor connection system
  • Strong enough to hold any pro camera/lens/accessory combo
  • Microfiber Pad: Never gets sweaty or sticky against your hand
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Clutch Camera Hand Strap

Peak Design

Quick-connecting and quick-adjusting, the clutch gives you access to your camera’s controls by quickly cinching down when you need security. Hypalon exterior, microfiber pad, and aluminum adjuster har...

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9. Lume Cube 18" Cordless Ring Light

Best For: TikToks, social media lives, and short-form videos where you want your face to look cute.

It's the tool every TikTok user has for a good reason. This 18'' Bi-Color Ring Light comes with adjustable color temperature and brightness, built-in diffusion for flawless light, and battery packs for cable-free operation and easy portability. Use the included AC adapter for non-stop lighting in your studio or home. And when you're out and about, away from an outlet, the two batteries will keep it shining bright for over 70 minutes at max power.

  • Power with an AC adapter or two NP-F750 Li-Ion batteries (both included)
  • Adjustable temperature range 3200-5600K
  • Flicker-free operation and up to 97 CRI
  • For both photography and video applications
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18" Cordless Ring Light

Lume Cube

Surround yourself with 18 inches of light. Finally, a Ring Light with no power cords is needed. Introducing the Lume Cube Ring Light, offering the most user-friendly experience and set-up for any crea...

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10. Moment Tele 58mm Mobile Lens

Best For: Mobile photographers who shoot portraits and landscapes.

Zoom in 2X closer to your subject or 4X with the Moment Pro Camera App. Our Tele 58mm lens, perfect for portraits, landscapes, and smooth videos, is the best telephoto lens we've crafted yet. It's made with 25% more glass, ensuring sharpness from edge to edge on the latest iPhone and Android phones. Tailored for the larger apertures of today's phone cameras, its six-element design is meticulously polished for exceptionally low dispersion. You'll get that beautiful bokeh and natural background compression typical of telephoto lenses, along with crystal-clear images and improved performance in low light, all at higher resolutions.

  • Cinema-quality optical glass gives you an incredibly sharp image edge to edge.
  • Capture ~2x optical magnification when mounted over a wide phone lens or up to ~4x magnification when mounted over a telephone lens and paired with the Moment Pro Camera App.
  • Best for portraits, landscapes, and outdoor scenes. Even more incredible for video, even we’re surprised by how great it is for video
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11. Boundary Supply Rennen Recycled Pouch

Best For: Organized remote workers and content creators.

The Rennen Recycled Pouch is a multifunctional organizer with intuitive pocketing for everyday essentials. The Rennen Recycled Series is constructed from durable RE–3™ fabrics made from reclaimed waste resources that have been recycled into high-quality yarns. The Rennen Recycled Pouch is a great option when all you need is a smaller pouch for your essentials.

  • Dual interior compartments with magnet closure.
  • Three stash pockets inside the magnetic compartment.
  • Pocket sleeve perfect for Field Notes®.
  • Nylon stretch-webbing holds writing utensils.
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Rennen Recycled Pouch

Boundary Supply

The Rennen Recycled Pouch is a multifunctional organizer with intuitive pocketing for your everyday essentials. The Rennen Recycled Series is constructed from durable RE–3™ fabrics made from reclaimed...

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12. Long Weekend 35mm Film Camera

Best For: Anyone wanting a cheap but quality reusable film camera.

It's the latest and best-selling up-and-coming reusable film camera. Perfect for anyone eager to explore film photography or for seasoned shooters looking for a reliable companion for adventures where a pricey professional camera might be too risky. It sports the charming, retro look of a disposable camera but without the waste, as it's reloadable, allowing you to experiment with different film types. Experience the authentic feel of film photography with our easy-to-use 31mm, F9 optical grade acrylic lens, equipped with manual wind and rewind, plus a built-in flash to brighten your shots, ready again in 10-15 seconds.

  • Reusable 35mm
  • Optical Lens: 31mm, F9, 1 element optical grade acrylic lens
  • Shutter Speed: 1/120s
  • Flash: Built-in flash, recycle time of 10-15 seconds
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13. Moment Everything Tech Tote 19L

Best For: Anyone needing to carry all their goodies in a comfortable, stylish shoulder bag.

This tote is your go-to for working anywhere and traveling everywhere. Striking the perfect balance between a work bag and a travel tote keeps things straightforward yet stylish. Its durable, water-resistant fabric ensures your belongings stay safe, and the tote remains chic. Inside, dedicated pockets help organize small items, secure your laptop, and hold your water bottle in place. The ultra-soft straps are designed for comfort, making it easy to carry by hand or on your shoulder, even with a tank top. Unlike other tech totes that feel bulky due to excessive padding, this one has a minimally padded base, allowing it to stand upright while keeping a natural look and feel. It's the stylish, comfy, and functional tote we've always dreamed of.Shoulder Carry: Super comfortable cross-body shoulder strap frees up your hands for longer and heavier carries.

  • Tank Top Ready Straps: They’re that comfortable.
  • Super Organized: Tons of gear and personal item storage pockets.
  • Laptop Ready: Internal padded laptop pocket fits up to 16” laptop.
  • Compartmentalize: Removable origami divider separates main compartment into two or three sections for better organization.
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Everything Tech Tote - Black / V2


The tote to work anywhere, travel everywhere. Part work bag, part traveler, this tote keeps it simple. It’s durable and water-resistant shell fabric keeps your gear protected and tote looking good. De...

Add for $150
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