Shooting with the Fuji X-E4 | Capturing Street Scenes of Tokyo & Kyoto

Discover the joys of lightweight photography with the Fuji X-E4, perfect for on-the-go shooters. Embrace simplicity & capture moments that matter.

Sarah Kohler Japan Fuji XE4 Kyoto15

Japan, 2022

The Fuji X-E4, released in March 2021, quickly became my go-to camera, capturing about 90% of my photographs since. Paired with the 28mm pancake lens, this compact and light rangefinder setup has brought the joy of photography back into my life in numerous ways.

What I love most about this setup is its user experience, allowing me to focus on what truly matters – being present and mindful. It's a reminder that photography is about moments, emotions, and stories. As someone 5’2” with small hands and always on the go, the more my photography gear aligns with my lifestyle, the more engaged I feel with my surroundings. It’s incredibly freeing to make space for my needs in my photography practice; self-discovery and identifying what suits you best is a fun part of adulthood.

So, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the weight of your camera bag and the complexity of your gear, consider giving the Fuji X-E4 a try. I have no doubt it'll quickly become your trusted companion on all your favorite adventures. Plus, it snugly fits into the Moment Fanny Sling, adding to its convenience.

This camera has become the centerpiece of my photography kit, and I often choose it for professional assignments as well. The X-E4's interchangeable lens system allows for expansion. When you're ready to explore, Fuji offers a variety of other compact lenses, including 35mm, 50mm, 16mm, and 23mm options, providing versatility without the bulk.

I hope this invites you to rediscover your craft's essence and capture moments that speak to you.

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