Meet The Founders of Module 8 Who Are Revolutionizing Cinema

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Meet the founders behind Module 8: Iain Neil and Mike Thomas. Two lens-obsessed guys who love a good laugh and a great optical product. Not just any product either, the kind of optical system that is a step function change to something totally new. They dedicated their careers to designing cool stuff for everyone else… now, it’s time they start something of their own.

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Meet Iain Neil

Known for his remarkable achievements, Iain's impressive background features a list of leading companies in their fields. With over 40 years of optical design, technology, and entrepreneurship experience, Iain is globally recognized as an expert in zoom and cinematography lenses.

In 2021, Neil joined Cooke as Chief Optics Advisor, guiding Cooke's team of in-house lens designers. His work has been awarded thirteen Academy Awards® for Scientific and Technical Achievement in lens and optical system design, two Emmy® Engineering Awards, and a Fuji Gold Medal Award. Neil holds over 100 worldwide patents in visible, infrared, and ultraviolet optical design, entertainment systems, and industrial and consumer applications.

From Panavision to Leitz Cine, and many others, Iain has set high standards for cinematic lenses, shaping image rendering for some of the most iconic movies.

Meet Mike Thomas

A cherished co-founder of Moment, Mike has earned a reputation as an exceptional lens designer. He's acclaimed for bringing top-tier quality to Moment gear, including our Anamorphic Adapter 1.33, a tremendous success since its debut last summer. His unwavering commitment to quality standards sets him apart in his field.

For 30 years, Mike has been immersed in designing and building custom lens systems, optical manufacturing, and vertical supply chains. His experience spans AR/VR optics, photo/cine, industrial, and medical products.

As the founder of three optical companies, Mike brings valuable experience transforming innovative ideas into successful products for Module 8.

Meet Jim Elias

Jim is Module 8’s optomechanical design engineer and additional brainchild behind the revolution lens technology. Look at how great their pictures are below!

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