How To Take Better Travel Photos

If you’re looking to make your travel images stand out against the grain, follow our tips that will guarantee success.

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When you ask yourself why you travel, perhaps it’s because you love the unexpected. You’re drawn to the energy in discovering the new, waking up in the morning and feeling like anything could happen. Never visiting the same place twice, travel is your counter to the consistent schedule that life provides. And if you ask yourself why you carry a camera, you’ll have a similar purpose: to notice the tiny details you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Coming home with a boot load of images is all part of the fun. If you’re looking to make your travel images stand out against the grain, follow our tips that will guarantee success.

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Do Your Research

Excellent travel photography starts far before you reach your final destination. It begins at home in front of your computer, where you begin the research stage of the location you’re choosing to visit. Spend some time looking into what makes your location so special — where are the interesting landmarks, the local markets, or when is the best time to visit this place? Utilize the internet and travel books to find out as much as you can about the area so you’ll be extra prepared to capture its stunning beauty as honest as possible.

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Go Somewhere Instagram Hasn’t Seen Yet

Travel is an invigorating practice. It’s remarkable to visit places in person that were once your computer’s default screensaver, but try thinking of locations to visit and photograph that are outside the norm. I know it’s a bit counterintuitive to suggest going to a “hot photo spot” that no one has gone to before when you’re trying to create an epic shot, but really think outside the box. Go somewhere awesome, but try utilizing the internet in researching areas that aren't often visited. Everyone may know what the Taj Mahal looks like, but think about other spots that evoke a similar feeling that your friends might not know about. The world is heavily travelled and trafficked these days, but if you're up for the challenge — wade beyond the trends and seek a fresh spot for your photography.

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Rethink The Cliche Shots

You want to come home with real, honest memories from your time away. Photos of your friends dangling their feet off the side of a mountain may be cool for one or two shots, but try and avoid the cliche Instagram posts and search for something deeper. Visiting tourist spots when traveling is inevitable, but you don’t want to return with copied images of what you see in your local guidebook. Think about the unique perspectives you might be able to capture if you grab them from a different angle. Better yet, think of all the images you’ve seen of the place you’re visiting and throw them out the window, come at the spot with a fresh way of looking at it. Shoot from the ground, experiment with revered angles, and play around with strange vantage points.

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Ask Locals for Their Portraits

A brief interaction with a local will give great insight into the hottest spots to photograph. They’ll be able to tell you which particular places are inherently useful and against the grain. More importantly, you’ll be an active participant in the environment to which you’re photographing and, therefore, form a deeper connection to its surroundings. While you’re speaking with them about their home, ask for their portrait. Be respectful, of course, and do it as a courtesy thank you to express gratitude for their time in getting to know you and share their insights.

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Use Your Travel Companion (or you!) As The Main Subject

Architectural shots are diverse and interesting when executed with intention, but human subjects personalize the photo and adds an extra kick of flavor. Additionally, people can create a strong force of storytelling in your imagery, perfecting emotion and making the feeling long lasting. If you’re trailing with a companion, stick them in the photo for a pop of interesting subject matter. And if you’re traveling alone, read these tips for traveling by yourself and capturing stunning selfies you wouldn’t otherwise know how to.

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Happy Travels!

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