Gear Guide For Your Minimalist, Yet Creative Friend

Discover joy in minimalism with our curated gear guide featuring the creative essentials – from innovative camera gear to must-have tech essentials, perfect for every lifestyle.

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Gift-giving or purchasing the right product for your everyday lifestyle can be hard. These items cater to your partner, who dislikes carrying belongings and prefers stuffing everything into a pocket. They also work for your best friend, who owns so much that they probably need their back checked. In reality, they cater to everyone.

For me, it's about going on extended runs in the picturesque Irish countryside without missing a photo opportunity. Simultaneously, I appreciate the convenience of traveling with only hand luggage, eliminating the need to decide which of my seven cameras to bring along. So, let's dive in.

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Level 1:

They should probably get their back checked.

They are probably the most difficult people to shop for —wondering what they could possibly need that they don't already have. The concept of minimalism is something they find hilarious, and the idea of having fewer possessions seems utterly impossible. Let's focus on small items that make a significant impact.

CineBloom Filters:

Rather than splurging on film stock or preset packs for Lightroom, consider this filter. It effortlessly attaches to the lens, creating a magical glow that no amount of post-production manipulation can replicate. It adds a delightful, hazy quality and softens edges without sacrificing details.

Versatile Lens:

If I had to choose just one lens for a lifetime, the Sony lens (FE 24-70mm f/2.8) would be the fortunate survivor. Paired with a Sony A7, it forms an incredible setup for any situation, providing reliability. Even more appealing is that it will only weigh them down a little on their next holiday, allowing ample space for clothes in their carry-on luggage this time.

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FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Lens


The Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM is the ultimate choice for professional portrait, travel, and event photographers seeking the highest possible optical performance. The XA element reduces aberration and d...

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Level 2:

They've heard about Marie Kondo.

The initial step towards embracing minimalism involves finding a place to store everything. Managing gear is straightforward, but it becomes challenging when organizing cables, film rolls, camera lids, lenses, and more. Let's assist them in achieving a bit of organization. As a former professional who adhered to the "throw it in the bag and pray for the best" philosophy, I can guarantee that nothing is more satisfying than having a delightful organizer (such as the Moment tech organizer) or, at the very least, a pouch to prevent them from rummaging through everything in their bag (consider the film stuff sack).

Fujifilm SQ1:

While it may not be the most minimalist instant camera, the Fujifilm SQ1 is undeniably addictive once you start using it. It earned its place during my recent trip to Greece, and I felt unstoppable. There's no need for convincing – something is exciting and endearing about it that you can't find elsewhere.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6:

Making content on the go has never been more convenient, and it's high time they upgraded from that selfie stick. Whether they want to enhance their TikTok game or create short films capturing their daily life and adventures, the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is the perfect addition that fits seamlessly into any setup. I cannot recommend it enough – it's incredibly intuitive and securely attaches to your phone for smooth and carefree filming.

RODE Wireless:

Of course, those tiny silver mics are cute, but do they do the job? You don't have to keep guessing with this compact system by RODE. Gone are your content days with that horrid wind sound cutting off half the conversation; capture all the ASMR you want with these portable mics.

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Osmo Mobile 6


Osmo Mobile 6 is an intelligent smartphone stabilizer packed with creative features. It's not only compact and easily foldable to fit in your palm, but also launches automatically once unfolded to cap...

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Level 3:

Everything fits in your pockets.

Ok, fine. Only some things can fit in your pockets. However, it still qualifies as minimalistic if it's neatly tucked into an over-the-shoulder bag (such as the Long Weekend Monterey sling or the Moment Fanny Sling 2L, both excellent choices). I am an expert in this regard, as it serves as an efficient grab-and-go bag for every conceivable situation in daily use.

Moment Phone Lenses:

The options in this category are nearly limitless, with these compact lenses seamlessly connecting. If I had to choose just one, it would undoubtedly be the 18mm wide-angle lens. While iPhones now offer a wide-angle feature, the quality and detail sometimes need to be improved compared to these lenses. Why not enhance your phone photography with the T-series iPhone 15 Starter Kit – One Lens? This starter pack includes everything you need and more, providing a simple way to elevate your phone photography game.

Sony RX100:

One of the earliest cameras I remember in my house was a pink Sony Cyber-shot camera that my sister received as a gift. This upgraded version, the Sony RX100, is compact enough to accompany you everywhere and offers remarkable versatility. The zoom capability ensures you won't miss a thing, and the real-time tracking works like a dream. What's even better? It provides 4K recording and stabilization, eliminating concerns about filming on the move. Every penny spent on this camera is worth it, making it the perfect everyday camera.

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18mm Wide Mobile Lens | T-Series


Meet our 18mm Wide T-Series Lens, the perfect wide-angle lens for mobile photographers and filmmakers. Instead of the usual distorted ultra-wide shots from your phone, this gem offers a beautifully br...

Add for $140
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Bonus Round:

Because there's always more.

Mainly because it's the holiday season and everyone deserves a little treat in life, here are some ideas for stocking fillers or last-minute gifts that are sure to please, regardless of who you are, and won't break the bank.

Ilford 35mm Reusable Camera:

There's no hard sell needed here. This camera is affordable, practical, gets the job done, and the best part? It's not disposable. It's a year-round family favorite. Toss in a roll of Ektar 100 or Kodak Gold, and you have a perfectly curated gift. (If you want to become the new favorite in the house, you can opt for Portra 400, but no need to flex like that. Or is there?)

Phone Case:

It might sound basic, but we all know someone whose phone case has seen better days—bits peeling, a plastic part hanging, and you're not even sure if that's the same color it was a few months ago.

Screen Protector for iPad:

The Paperlike screen protector is a godsend for any iPad user. It helps reduce annoying glare and provides more friction for, you guessed it, a paperlike feel. Maybe that's not your style. Personally, I don't go anywhere without my Leuchtturm notebook (I hope I never have to say that out loud), and it's as basic as it gets. But there's something about taking handwritten notes during my travels that I love and would never replace.

Bluetooth Remote:

The final stocking filler on the list is a tiny Bluetooth remote, yet it holds significant value for a minimalist. Whether it's minimizing the shakiness in your macro shots or capturing the perfect picture without the stress of a 10-second timer, I guarantee you'll use this remote all the time.

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As all good things must end, so does this list. Looking back, my bank account would have been much happier if I had shared this with my friends and family a few months or years ago rather than purchasing everything myself. So, as the saying goes: run, don't walk.

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