The Fujifilm Instax Link Printer Review

A resurgence of instant photography for film photography lovers who prefer to print after the moment.

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A rush is waiting for an instant photo to develop in front of your eyes. The color bleeds into life, and the memory that you just captured is in your hands as if by magic. It feels like we’re in a resurgence for instant photography - from Polaroid’s remarkable new Polaroid I-2 Instant Camera to Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ40 Instant Film Camera, not only are there more options than ever, but they are higher and higher quality. But what if you don’t want to use an instant camera or your favorite memories are captured digitally?

There’s something extraordinary about printing your work. To hold a photograph makes it feel so tangible and real. I carry a photo of my best friend and me that she took on a Polaroid when we were 18 – it’s one of my prized possessions. The tactile feeling of an instant photograph can’t be overstated, but I, for one, take more photos on a little everyday carry camera or my phone — as well as professional tools. Luckily, there is a beautiful middle ground — instant photo printers.

It feels so simple but so brilliant. I have a photo on my phone. I press a button to watch it come to life in front of me. I’ve used the Fujifilm Instax Square Link for about a year and managed to litter my bedroom with all sorts of memories I’ve printed out.

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The Tech Specifications of Instant Photography

The Fujifilm Instax Square Link is one of three in a lineup, along with the Instax Link Wide and the Mini Link 2. The Square Link prints out 3.39” x 2.83” glossy film with a 2.44” x 2.44” photo inside, all done through Bluetooth on the simple-to-use SQUARE link app on Android or iOS. A photo takes around 12 seconds to print and comes out at 800x800 dpi, which leaves you with crisp-looking images. After about 90 seconds, your photo will develop with bright and vibrant colors.

In the app, you’ll get a preview of your photo and the option to add stickers and frames or edit the colors (although I’ll typically do my edits in Lightroom first). You pull your images from your photo library, so selecting the photo you want to print is effortless. The Instax Link series can also embed a QR code onto your picture, allowing you to add a voice memo, doodles, or AR content to the pictures when scanned with a phone – although what you can do with this varies across the range.

If you want multiple copies, you need to hit a button on the printer, giving you an extra copy. I recently did a photoshoot for a couple and was able to leave them each with a printout shot from the day for them to take away while still on location, which I know was special for them!

The Instax Square Link uses 10-photo film cartridges. These are different across the range of Instax printers, so be sure to check you’ve got the right one! The Instax Mini Link 2 works the same way but prints 2” x 3” film, and the Instax Link Wide does 3” x 5” film. It’s worth noting that these use the same film as Fujifilm’s Instax cameras, so it’s an excellent complementary tool for the arsenal.

To Know:

The Instax Link series of instant printers is an excellent alternative to instant photography, giving you sharp and quick pictures out of a portable printer that will pop easily into your bag. You can select a square, 2x3, or wide photo, depending on your chosen printer.

What We Like:

Control Your Phone

Use the built-in motion control feature on the mini Link 2 to take photos on your smartphone, remotely. Tilt the printer to zoom in or out! You can also snap a picture by pressing the power button.

Up the Saturation

Choose the new "Instax-Rich Mode" for richer colors or "Instax-Natural Mode" to print the natural colors of the photo.

The Details:

Brand: Fujifilm

Type: Instant Printer

Best For: On-the-go photo printing. Recreate polaroid-type photos with your digital photography.

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Why Printing Your Photos Matter

My camera roll is full of beautiful memories I don’t tend to capture on other cameras. Pulling out a phone with a friend or taking a short video is totally different from having a ‘proper’ camera with you. Neither is better or worse than the other, but it’s a different experience, and the photos you take are entirely different! In the modern world, where we always have a camera on us at all times, it’s hard to recapture the authentic experience of instant photography. We’re much less likely to go home with a picture to keep in our wallet or pin to the wardrobe. With an instant printer, though, it’s easy to recapture that magic. Whether for scrapbooking, decorating, or propping up on your desk, the Instax series of printers brings something tactile back to my photography.

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