The DJI Mavic 3 Pro: 3-Camera Powerhouse Drone for Filmmakers

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DJI, everyone’s favored tech giant in the drone industry, offers another great drone option — the Mavic 3 Pro.

What makes technology better every year is its integration of portability and accessibility with high-quality design and optics — and DJI excels at this every year. Because drones often feel intimidating to the average creator, their innovative iterations and features make flying easier, more fun, and at a higher resolution with every upgrade.

Its latest triple-lens technology, featuring a 24mm, 70mm(3x Zoom), and 166mm (7x Zoom) focal length, makes this machine a real game-changer in aerial photography and videography. Outfitted with a state-of-the-art Hasselblad camera and a pair of telephoto lenses, the Mavic 3 Pro is the ultimate triple-camera drone. This cutting-edge tool enables users to push their boundaries of creative expression through otherworldly aerial landscapes through innovative visual storytelling.

Thus, if you’re new to the drone world and are looking for an elevated capturing device to get the job done right, this bad boy might be your best bet. The Mavic 3 Pro’s quality suffices for professionals, but its ease of application is perfect for beginners.

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What It Does

To compare it to the previous Pro model, the Mavic 3 Pro is slightly larger than the Mavic 2 Pro, with a longer wingspan, larger camera module, and broader tilt functionality.

With its DJI O3+ technology, the Mavic 3 Pro offers a remarkable transmission distance of up to 15 km[3], ensuring stable signals and a seamless LCD view. It delivers a 1080p/60fps HD live feed with high frame rates, making the drone more responsive to your commands by providing a vivid video feed on your display.

The Waypoint Flight feature is an ear-parker; the Mavic 3 Pro intelligently plots a flight route based on your predefined waypoints and can accurately replicate routes as needed.

Lastly, the Mavic 3 Pro's Hasselblad camera and medium telephoto lens come equipped with FocusTrack, featuring ActiveTrack 5.0, Spotlight, and Point of Interest. This powerful trio enables you to capture dynamic tracking shots from various angles with remarkable stability.

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Insane Optics

If a drone has a Hasselblad lens, you know it will be damn good.

Taking the reins from the Mavic 3 Series, the Mavic 3 Pro brings the legendary 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera with stunning 12-bit RAW photos, revealing every intricate detail of each image without squinting. With a dynamic range of up to 12.8 stops, the depth you can capture is almost beyond comprehension. Each pixel’s clarity is consistently meticulous in DJI’s Mavic lineup.

And to the reliable Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS), the colors in your images are precisely what the human eye sees, so there's no need to spend hours tweaking color settings in post-production. Simply point, shoot, and viola.

New Heights for Video Quality

Beyond the punny headlines for DJI’s product hooks, the Mavic 3 Pro’s video capabilities are evermore stunning.

Its latest 10-bit D-Log M color mode iteration supports recording up to one billion colors — can you even comprehend that? Even in high-contrast scenarios, like sunrises and sunsets, it delivers natural color gradations with delicate details for a full-spectrum visual experience. In turn,DJI’s D-Log M mode further reduces the difficulty of color grading, allowing creators to hone in on natural tones effortlessly without spending hours in the edit cave.

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💡Key Features!

  • 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera
  • Dual Tele Cameras
  • 43 Min. Max Flight Time
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • 15km HD Video Transmission
  • All three cameras support Apple ProRes 422 HQ, Apple ProRes 422, and Apple ProRes 422 LT encoding.
  • Built-in 1TB SSD and a 10Gbps lightspeed data cable to facilitate professional creation further.

What Creators Say

DJI seeded the drone to creators and diversified professionals for honest input and real-world advice. Every feature has something unique to offer to everyone.

Award-winning photojournalist, Paul Nicklen, says the lower noise-level technology allows him to capture stunningly rare images of wildlife without disturbance. Another travel photographer, Jason Charles Hill, brags about the Mavic 3 Pro’s triple camera system and how it empowers him to weave through uncharted territories seamlessly with its impressive 28x hybrid zoom feature. DJI’s level of technology makes important captures possible at a safe distance.

SkyPixel creator, Jingan, also boasts the improved 70mm length to capture unique spatial compression and the 166mm. Compressing the depth of field and emphasizing the main subject creates a strong visual focal point, lending a distinctive sense of space to your camera work.

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Worth It?

Well, it definitely seems like it. DJI is an industry-leader for a reason: innovating camera gear and drone technology to the masses. They create tools for everyone to feel confident in capturing next-level photos and videos while maintaining a quality control other drone brands frankly struggle to keep up with.

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