This Is THE Coolest $50 Film Camera | Long Weekend 35mm Review

Creator-made, reusable, super stylish, & high image quality. It’s an incredible new tool for everyday pressure-free capture made possible by Willem Verbeeck.

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Long Weekend's 35mm reusable film camera is a perfect example of straightforward point-and-shoot photography with a stylish touch. Designed with essential features and a user-friendly interface, this compact camera is the brainchild of Willem Verbeeck, an exceptionally skilled analog photographer in our Moment community. Apart from his iconic red sweatshirt featured in almost every YouTube video, Willem is a close friend and a source of inspiration for our entire team. We collaborated with him on an online course covering the fundamentals of film photography, providing a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field. Check his course out here if you’re interested. During our hands-on experience with the camera, we had the privilege of testing it along the coastal mountains of California in the company of Willem himself. The camera is adorable and user-friendly and offers exceptional quality at an affordable price. When compared to similar 35mm point-and-shoots on the market, such as the Kodak H35 and the Ilford Sprite, Long Weekend's camera stands out with a crisper flash and greater color latitude for post-processing. Plus, even better, it’s totally creator-made. Find more details in the article below.

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To Know:

This camera is perfect for everyday use and capturing spontaneous, memorable moments with a quick flash. Its no-frills design keeps things simple and straightforward, providing a refreshing alternative to other analog cameras that may feel overwhelming.

What We Love:

Vibrant Colors:

Long Weekend consistently delivers a visually appealing camera line in various classic color options.


A beautiful manifestation of Willem’s lifelong passion for film photography, now conveniently fitting in the palm of our hands.

The Details:

Brand: Long Weekend

Product Type: Reusable Camera

Best For: Everyday individuals who want to document their lives on film without the hassle of adjusting settings. It offers the easiest approach to 35mm film, making the process super simple and enjoyable.

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How It Works

This little thing does a swell job of mixing vintage vibes with a modern touch. It's crafted from durable, lightweight ABS plastic, rocking the 135 Film (24X36mm) and ISO 200/400 for that perfect shot. It’s light in the hands, but weighted enough to feel quality assured. Plus, if I drop it on the ground, it won’t break as easily as my Sony.

With a focus-free 31mm, F9 optical grade acrylic lens, manual wind, rewind feature, and a built-in flash ready in 10-15 seconds, it's easier than ever. Keep tabs on your shots with the film viewing window and maximize a 70% field view through our sharp viewfinder.

This bad boy also runs on a single AAA alkaline battery, making it your reliable sidekick for all your adventures. Long Weekend's camera lets you seize the essence of every moment and replay it endlessly.

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Build & Ergonomics

This compact and impressive camera was crafted by a professional photographer who understands the importance of features and specifications. Despite its small size, it carries a substantial weight, giving it a premium feel. Ideal for extended use throughout the day or as a conveniently pocket-sized companion for activities like mountain hikes or film festivals where traveling light is crucial. The body is constructed with precision from quality materials, featuring a soft grip along the edges to prevent accidental slips. Its vibrant and stylish design makes it the type of camera you'd love to showcase. Long Weekend's reputation for excellent design is upheld thanks to Joel, Moment's skilled softgoods designer. We love you, Joel!

Pressure-Free Shooting

This is genuinely the first 35mm film camera designed by a photographer, supporting the creative community and created for the sheer enjoyment of capturing moments. It feels like I can use a camera to document memories and how they are meant to be felt without the pressure to impress an Instagram audience. The ease of use is a standout feature; a quick snap, and you're done. This camera is especially suitable for first-time film users who want to explore without fearing wasting money on film rolls. With this camera, mistakes are virtually eliminated; it's foolproof. Removing that pressure allows me to rediscover my core passion for everyday documentation.

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"It feels like I can use a camera to document memories and how they are meant to be felt without the pressure to impress an Instagram audience."
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Why Choose Reusable over Disposable?

Opting for a reusable camera is the preferred choice, and that's why renowned film brands like Kodak and Ilford have ventured into creating their own 35mm film cameras. These cameras allow creators more flexibility to experiment with various film stocks, making them perfect for those exploring different options. Unlike disposable cameras, you don't have to discard them after a single use. Additionally, this reusable camera stands out for its stylish design, setting it apart as an environmentally friendly option.

It's important to note that this camera isn't just a product of a brand; it's entirely creator-made. Crafted and meticulously tailored to Willem’s preferences, drawing from his experience as a professional photographer and documentarian.

Image Quality

Considering this is an affordable, reusable point-and-shoot camera, the images captured during our test were surprisingly sharp. It operates fully automatically, sparing you the need to stress over adjusting settings. If the lighting is too dim, a simple flick of the flash switch does the trick. This camera is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring you won't miss a great shot and keeping the process uncomplicated and enjoyable.

The flash is bright and easy to toggle on and off. A convenient red light indicates when the flash is powered on and ready for action. It’s actually the only setting you need to control on this camera is incredibly straightforward, making it super easy to use.

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What We Rate:

  • Skill Level
    • Just getting started
    • Understands manual settings
    • Shoots regularly
    • Professional

  • Photo Quality
    • Passable
    • Pretty Good
    • Really Good
    • Best Out There

  • Auto Focus
    • Always hunting
    • It Works
    • It Works Quickly
    • Quick and Locked In

  • Low Light
    • Very noisy.
    • Average
    • Clean
    • Crisp And Clean

  • Battery Life
    • Sucks
    • Not bad
    • Good
    • Really Good

  • Rugged Ability
    • Leave it in the studio
    • Daily Carry
    • Traveler
    • Mountain Goat

  • Build Quality
    • Cheap
    • What You’d Expect
    • Solid
    • Top Of The Line

  • Size
    • Fits In Pocket
    • One Hand
    • Two Hands
    • Big Boy

  • Weight
    • Ultralight
    • Light
    • Average
    • Hefty Boy

Who Is This Camera Made For?

This camera is ideal for beginner film photographers or those seeking a fun, everyday pocket film camera experience. It caters to individuals who are passionate about film or enjoy experimenting with photography. It is designed to capture casual, everyday moments and encourages a lighthearted approach to the craft. Perfect for fun outings with friends, road trips, and travel, users can preserve memories without the need for unnecessary settings. Moreover, its stylish design adds an extra visual appeal, enhancing the quality of my future in-my-bag videos.

The Cons

While not every product is an all-encompassing solution, the Long Weekend 35mm reusable point-and-shoot excels in its niche. It may not boast extensive features or intricate settings for refining visual preferences, but it stands out as the best affordable film camera. It's not tailored for photographers seeking ultra-sharp images or precise color coding for each frame, as that's not its intended purpose. Much like a Polaroid camera, it provides a stylized experience, embracing its simplicity.

Check our the latest YouTube video, unveiling some exciting new colors. I'm particularly thrilled about the various colors available, especially the sage green!

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