10 Reasons Why Sprout is the Preferred Social Management Tool for Brands & Business

Learn why we love and use Sprout to manage our social media; including the platforms best features, data tools, price plans, resources, and more.

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Effective organization around managing your social media platforms is crucial for brands, businesses, content creators, celebrities, or people with insanely high followings. Success hinges on the quality of the tools used, particularly a social media management tool that meets our standards in terms of automated features, analytic tools, project management resources, and customer service overviews. Successful social media management involves more than just posting content; it encompasses handling direct messages, comments, sales strategies, and various digital assets.

Sprout Social stands out for its extensive features and intuitive interface. We’ve tested several social management brands, but all fell pale in comparison to Sprout’s high-quality and deeply detailed user experience. Once connected, creators can easily manage all messages from their social accounts in one place, schedule posts, assign tasks, engage in social commentary, monitor reviews, and generate reports—all with excellent customer support from Sprout themselves to meet individual needs.

Given Moment’s significant and ever-growing social media presence and a need for top-notch customer care on standby — here are 10 reasons Sprout Social is our preferred social media marketing tool.

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1. Smart Inbox

Sprout's Smart Inbox has been a game-changer for our company, streamlining our ability to manage direct messages and comments across all social platforms in one centralized location. This feature has significantly saved time and improved responsiveness, allowing our Gear Guides to efficiently address queries from a single interface. Trust us; our customers are happy when their questions get answered quickly! No more letting messages go astray.

2. Content Planning and Publishing

Sprout's content calendar offers flexibility in planning and visualizing scheduled content across various platforms, allowing for a detailed or broad overview. It enables our team to manage and automatically publish content directly from the calendar quickly – a significant upgrade from the manual posting required with some other tools we’ve used in the past. Because this feature simplifies our content scheduling and execution so seamlessly, we can generate fresh ideas and execute bigger initiatives without the hassle of manual logistics.

3. Reviews Management

Sprout streamlines review management across various platforms, including the App Store, Facebook, Google Business, TripAdvisor, Glassdoor, and Yelp. This centralization simplifies our weekly workflow, enabling us to monitor and respond to customer feedback more efficiently.

Responding to positive and negative reviews demonstrates that our business values customer feedback and is committed to addressing their needs. Such openness and responsiveness build trust and foster loyalty among current and potential customers. Furthermore, actively managing reviews is essential for our reputation management. It helps mitigate the impact of negative feedback by allowing us to assist customers promptly, potentially transforming their negative impressions into positive ones.

This level of customer service management is crucial for a brand with a small team (like us!). It allows us to optimize our limited resources by streamlining our workflow and making our daily tasks much easier.

Using Sprout's Link.InBIo links to track engagement and CTRs.
Using Sprout's Link.InBIo links to track engagement and CTRs.
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4. Customizable Approval Process

We transparently operate with a small marketing team and benefit greatly from Sprout's “approval” process integrated into their publishing tab.

The feature allows a single person to oversee the quality of content across various platforms. One person can submit their assets and captions to a pending queue for approval, and another person can act as a manager to approve and schedule posts. This process streamlines content management and ensures quality control over the weekly posts we have to push.

5. Exceptional Customer Support

Sprout offers customer support 24 hours daily, Monday through Friday, through live chat, phone, and email. Their team also provides remote account access for quick problem resolution. Our personal experience with their customer service has been outstanding! We emailed with a few questions regarding a login issue, and their swift guidance and support needed to navigate the platform was so effective, especially for newcomers. Their 1:1 individual attention was both felt and immensely appreciated.

6. Security

You never believe data security is a real issue until something tragic happens. We’ve had several scares from past mistakes and unreliable platforms, so trust me when I say using social media tools that offer secure encryption to protect sensitive information is imperative. After all, you’re connecting ALL your accounts to this platform, so confidence in a program is key!

Plus — based on our experience with their 1:1 customer service — I have no doubt Sprout’s team would be able to fix any future issue should something bad happen.

7. Everything In One Place

I've said it countless times, but the ease and efficiency of managing social, customer service, and reviews under one website tab cannot be overstated. Having used platforms like Later in the past, none compare to Sprout's comprehensive suite of features.

Operating often as an agency for larger campaigns or initiatives, we find Sprout’s many features invaluable for managing social campaigns, running ads, and optimizing accounts with external creators. We mitigate the need for further third-party platforms; we literally get all we need from Sprout.

Detailed asset library with folders, tags, and an approval process.
Detailed asset library with folders, tags, and an approval process.
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8. Asset Library Designed for Cataloging

Sprout's asset library is more than just a basic upload system; it's a detailed catalog where each asset is treated with importance. Every image can be uploaded with appropriate tags, social handle credits, and a filtration system that enables refined searches, making it simple for the whole team to navigate.

9. Tiered Plans for Different Needs

Sprout Social offers tiered plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers or brands rather than a one-size-fits-all pricing model. While the website doesn't provide a free version, there is an option for a 30-day trial.

I highly recommend Sprout Social for those with large followings and significant social media management needs; I don’t think I’d suggest it for those with smaller audiences since Sprout is designed explicitly for medium to high-profile management.

If you’re a business searching for a platform like Sprout and feel a tad weary of its somewhat pricey monthly payment plan, please understand that you’ll get what you paid for. As far as Moment goes, we have yet to find a downfall with using Sprout and don’t feel the need to settle for added subscriptions elsewhere, thus minimizing overall costs into one easy platform that does it all.

10. Analytics

Sprout excels at delivering detailed data reports and analytics for each connected channel. Every Monday, our team reviews the previous week's social and customer service analytics, enabling us to identify ways to improve for the following days. This process allows us to measure engagement effectively within our content and pinpoint opportunities, trends, and themes for future strategies and content ideas. Additionally, Sprout makes it straightforward to export reports for team sharing on a timely basis, offering options for 7-day, 30-day, 90-day, or custom date ranges.

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