Kodak Professional Ektar 100 Color Negative 35mm Film - 1 Roll

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    To Know:

    Kodak Professional Ektar 100 is a fantastically vibrant film stock that overdramatized colors and hues to seem larger than life, yet still keeps the integrity of the photo. With colorful blues in the skies and crisp detail due to the stocks’ low ISO — Ektar provides a colorway and contrast line that distinguishes itself from the other stocks.

    What We Love:

    Made For Landscapes

    Hones in on major detail and colorizes natural tones in an interesting and memorable way.

    Love Harsh Light and Shadows

    This film really catches my attention with bright highlights and contrasty shadows.

    Easy To Shoot

    It’s almost too easy; achieve near perfect tones images without crazy manual metering.

    The Details:

    Brand: Kodak

    Product Type: Film Stock

    Best For: Photographers looking for a way to set their images apart with a more unique, vibrant colorway.



    Poor Fair Good Near Perfect


    None Slight Texture Just enough Pretty hairy


    Pretty cool Fairly cool Fairly warm Pretty warm


    Around $5 Around $10 Around $15 Around $20


    Poor Fair Good Perfect

    Samples taken with the Professional Ektar 100, which has vibrant colors that will make images pop

    Shot on Ektar 100 by April Mariveles.

    Shot on Ektar 100 by April Mariveles.

    Shot on Ektar 100 by April Mariveles.

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