Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy with (M)Force S21 Ultra 5G with (M)Force - black | M-Series

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    Why We Made the Thin Case

    The Galaxy Thin Photo case embraces the less-is-more mentality with a super thin profile that allows you to compost the case body when you’re done with it.

    After an average of just two years, most cases end up in a landfill, where they will take between four hundred and two thousand years to decompose. We may be a small brand, but from Moment alone, that’s hundreds of thousands of cases that will essentially never biodegrade, and we’re not okay with that.

    Works with Moment (M)Force Magnetic Mounts

    We believe our (M)Force Mounts are the future for how you quickly attach your favorite gear to your phone and your phone to your favorite gear. Whether you are new to mobile photography or a pro filmmaker, the Galaxy Thin Case with (M)Force allows you to build out your mobile rig with ease.

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    Moment Galaxy S21 5 G M Force thin case black flatlay

    Lens Compatibility

    S21 5G and S21+ 5G are both fully compatible with all M-series Lenses.

    S21 Ultra 5G is Fully compatible with the Anamorphic lens and Tele 58mm when mounted over the 3x Tele. M-Series Macro, Wide, and Fisheye can mount but will see vignetting.

    *Compatibility is due to Samsung's decision to make their main camera much wider at 24mm, not because of the larger 108mp sensor. It’s important to note we don’t expect other phones to follow Samsung in making their main camera wider.
    Moment samsung s21 ultra with anamorphic

    When To Use It

    • Everyday: Slim and minimal, this is the perfect case for daily use.
    • Traveling: Light and easy to carry with textured materials for extra grip and attachments for your favorite strap.
    • Outdoors: Ready for drops and fits in pockets for easy carry.
    • Taking Pictures: M-Series Lens Mount, curved edges, and a textured back for one-handed shooting. Use it with any Moment Lenses (except the Original Lenses).
    Moment Galaxy S21 5 G M Force thin case black with mounts