Fujifilm GFX100S Medium Format Mirrorless Camera Body

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    More Than Full Frame

    The 102-megapixel sensor and G Mount lenses create detailed, smooth, and accurate images, putting you at the center of creativity. It's the ultimate way to bring your vision to life.

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    More Resolution

    Use GFX100S to create remarkably detailed images that reach further and deeper into scenes to reveal amazing color fidelity and rich shadow detail, all with enough dynamic range to allow for astonishing push and pull adjustments in post-production. It’s time to start telling stories in a whole new way by creating images with a level of detail that’s hard to imagine is possible.

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    More Creativity

    Enjoy unparalleled control over the images created by the 102MP ultra-high resolution imaging sensor at the heart of GFX100S and use its unmatched flexibility to create the images that you have always dreamed of, down to the smallest of details. Using a back-illuminated design that – along with its family of GF lenses – optimizes light capture for every image at each one of its 102 million pixels, the full majesty of this camera is truly realized once the image data is passed through the quad-core X-Processor 4 imaging engine. This is what ultimately delivers the unsurpassed image quality and outstanding color reproduction that has now become synonymous with Fujifilm.

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    Bokeh like never before

    Portrait perfection is within reach. Enjoy the unique look of large format by combining GFX100S with fast aperture GF lenses to selectively focus and achieve outstanding background separation and creamy transitions. What’s in focus is supremely sharp and what isn’t falls off into a pleasing smoothness that gives a beautiful overall effect to the image.

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    More Colors on Display

    Experience unparalleled color accuracy thanks to GFX100S’s ability to output 16-bit images. Almost imperceptible shifts in color tones are recorded by the camera’s large format sensor and delivered in incredible true-to-life images with up to 281 trillion colors all on display.

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    True Flexibility in the Field

    The GFX100S camera is perfect for capturing fleeting moments. Its compact size and powerful in-body image stabilization (IBIS) make handheld images pin-sharp. The camera also features cutting-edge focus algorithm and phase detection autofocus (PDAF) pixels for fast and accurate autofocus.

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    Compact and Comfortable

    With GFX100S, there are no compromises, not even with weight. At just 900g (1.98lbs), it’s compact enough to carry with you wherever you go and with its secure grip and ergonomic button and dial layout, comfortable in-hand to let you focus on making your best images.

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    Create with Confidence

    Despite it being almost twice the physical size of any full-frame imaging sensor, GFX100S houses its 102MP Bayer array inside of a compact, weather-resistant camera body that is smaller in size to some Full Frame cameras. It also some how does this with enough room left over to pack in a five-axis image stabilization system that provides up to six stops of vibration compensation. It’s time to move away from the tripod, have the confidence to work handheld in large format, and be safe in the knowledge that the results will be as sharp and detailed as they would be if the camera were locked and stationary on a support.