BwXX - B&W 35mm Film

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CineStill BwXX is a variable speed, classic black & white film emulsion, with an EI of 250 under daylight and 200 under tungsten lighting. Recommended development in Kodak D-96 developer or Df96 Monobath, but is compatible with D-76, HC110, and all other black and white film developers.

Double-X is a classic black and white film stock left relatively unchanged since it's release in 1959 for still and motion picture use. CineStill BwXX is an excellent choice for those looking for a classic film stock to fill the void left by the discontinuation of it's wonderful sister films, Kodak Plus-x (discontinued in 2010) and TXP320.

Features and Compatibility

  • 36 Exposures
  • Spooled into high quality 135 Non Dx-Coded Cartridges
  • ISO 250/25° in Standard Process
  • Fine Grain and High Sharpness

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