Case for iPhone 15 - Compatible with MagSafe - Open Box

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Case for iPhone 15 - Compatible with MagSafe - Open Box

    The Moment Case for iPhone 15 is engineered to be your favorite everyday case - thin, stylish, tough, Magsafe compatible, and ready to make your camera phone an even better camera. Whether you’re traveling, shooting content on your phone, or looking for a touch of style…the Moment Case is for you.

    Thin and tough, this is the most protective case we’ve ever made. It’s built using a multilayer construction made from our own blend of TPU which offers a little grip, impact absorption, and a scratch resistant body. We added an array of internal air pockets, dispersing shocks rather than transferring it to your phone, while also reducing weight. Reinforced polycarbonate is then added to the camera interface and wrist strap connection to give you peace of mind that you’ll never drop your device. Add our Moment Screen Protector (sold separately) and you’ll have a setup that competes with the toughest cases on the market without looking like a brick.

    Fully MagSafe compatible, the Moment Case for iPhone 15 packs our proprietary (M) Force magnet array. Compatible with Qi and Qi2 charging, our new magnet array is thinner and 15% stronger, especially when paired with our Moment Phone Mounts (sold separately). Securely mount your phone to your wireless charger, car, tripod, camera rig, wall, or anything else you can think of.

    What makes this case truly special is how it makes your camera phone an even better camera. Add our Drop-in T-Series lens mounts (sold separately) and easily attach any of our Moment T-Series Lenses to your phone. We’ve also included a proprietary front-mounting snap feature (Pro models only) that allows you to mount our Snap-On Filters from the front. So you can apply filter effects or protect your camera lenses without having to remove the device from the case.

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