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Trade-in your “Like New” M-Series lenses and receive store credit to pick up our new T-Series line. You can trade-in any M-series lenses, no matter when you bought them.

Option 1: Don't Send Back Your Lenses – $25 Back Per Lens

With a valid proof of purchase we’ll give you $25 back per lens in Moment store credit. Even if you originally bought the lenses from somewhere else.

1. Follow the steps below to complete the proof of purchase form
2. Wait 1-2 business days while we review your entry
3. If you qualify, we'll send you $25 Moment store credit per lens

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Option 2: Send Back Your Lenses – $50 Back Per Lens

Send us back “Like New” lenses and we’ll give you $50 in Moment store credit. Even if you originally bought the lenses from somewhere else.

*Please note we do not cover the shipping back and we’re not responsible if the package does not get delivered to our address.

1. Follow the steps below to fill out the form and print your trade-in slip.
2. Pack your lenses and ship them back.
3. Enter the tracking number so we can follow it.
4. Once we receive the package we’ll inspect your lenses and be in touch within 2-3 business days.
5. Qualifying “Like New” lenses will get a $50 Moment store credit.
6. Non-Qualifying lenses will be recycled.

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Questions? We’re here to help. If you are unsure about which path is best, please email with images of your lenses and we can get you taken care of.

What Qualifies for a Trade-in?

What DOES Qualify

We only accept “Like New” lenses. If your lenses are in worse shape we recommend selling them on Ebay. Like New means…

  • You would be happy buying this lens as an “Open Box” item.
  • The glass is NOT scratched.
  • The M-Series interface is not worn out.
  • The side of the lens isn’t dented or visually worn.
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What Does NOT Qualify

We will resell these trade-in lenses as an Open Box item so if you wouldn’t be stoked to receive your lens as an Open Box purchase, then please don’t send it back. What doesn’t qualify…

  • Scratched Glass
  • Cracked Glass
  • Dented or folded in lens hoods
  • Stripped bayonet interface.
  • Water spots in the lens elements / glass
  • Cosmetic damage
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Reach out to with any further inquiries.

How much will I receive?

Assuming the lens is like-new we provide a $50 Moment store credit per lens. When you fill out your trade-in form, you can specify if you would like it applied to your T-Series order or added to your Moment Wallet for a future purchase.

Who is the trade-in program for?

Anyone around the world can participate in the trade-in program! We are opening this to all of our US and International based customers.

Do you provide a prepaid label?

You will be responsible for your own label and any import duties, customs, or taxes. You are also responsible for the package arriving at our door. Once it arrives we’ll take care of the rest.

It's too expensive to send back, do you have any other options?

Yes! If sending back your lenses is too much, we are alternatively offering a $25 store credit per lens. You will need to provide proof of purchase via the trade-in form.

What happens if I send back a denied trade-in?

You will still be eligible for the $25 credit per lens with proof of purchase. However, we will recycle them. If you are unsure about the condition of your lenses meeting the qualifications for trade, you can e-mail pictures of your lenses to our team at for pre-approval. We are not responsible for lenses sent in that do not meet the trade-in requirement. We do not have a way to send back these items to you and they will be considered as a donation for recycling.

Can I trade in more than one lens?

Yes, every additional lens will count as $25 per lens with proof of purchase or $50 per lens if sent in for physical trade.

Can I still trade in my lenses if I bought them as open box or used?

Unfortunately not. The Trade-In program does not apply to open box or used lens purchases.

Can I receive partial credit for cracked/broken lenses?

The trade-in program only accepts resealable like-new lenses. Moment is not responsible for returning unacceptable units or products that are denied by the trade-in program.

Can I use my credit towards anything in the store?

Yes! You can use the credits applied to your Moment Wallet on anything in the shop.

How long does it take for me to receive my credit?

Please allow 3-5 business days for us to process your trade or credit. If it's taking longer than that we will let you know.

Can I trade in O-Series lenses or cases?

Unfortunately the trade-in program only currently works with M-Series lenses.

Can I receive cash for my trade-in instead of credit?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue cash for trade-ins.

I just bought my lenses recently; they are barely used. Can I get more than $25?

Any lenses purchased before 8/15/23 will have an extended return period of 90 days from original purchase date instead of our standard 60. If you are looking to resell your product at full cost, the trade-in program may not be right for you. We recommend using third-party sites if you are looking to resell rather than trade in.