Introducing Mountain Light by Alex Strohl

The lightest outdoor camera bag.

Meet Alex and his new camera bag.
It’s fast, light, and made for the outdoors…just like Alex.
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Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl has traveled the world with his camera. From Montana to Slovenia, he’s spent years shooting some of the most desolate locations for the biggest brands. But in all his years exploring, he could never find a bag that was both his favorite mountain pack and his favorite camera bag. So we made him one.
More About Alex
Mountian Light Alex Strohl Profile Photo Arizona Desert 146

“Its rare a pack achieves the perfect amount of portability and camera access when going off trail."

"Alex has done his research and put in the hours to design something that strikes the perfect balance. its been said there is no perfect camera bag… this one begs to differ”


What Makes it Unique?

The Strohl Mountain Light is the first, ultralight outdoor camera bag so you no longer need to choose between a mountain pack and a camera bag.

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