Jess Chibueze

Jess Chibueze

Nigerian-American visual artist Jess Chibueze, based in Lagos, expertly captures Nigeria's entertainment scene through various mediums.

Brands Worked With

  • Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Horizn Studios
  • Crocs

Creative Interests

  • Film Photography
  • Music / Concert / Events
  • Slow-Motion Cinematography

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Jess Chibueze

Jess Chibueze

Jess Chibueze is a first-generational Nigerian-American visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her work focuses on capturing her various experiences maneuvering Nigeria's music & entertainment sector. She hosts the "Jess Finesse Presents" Podcast produced by UK digital marketing agency Eggcorn Digital.

She is the first woman to become the brand ambassador of Jameson Irish Whiskey in Nigeria. Any and everything that expresses humanity inspires Jess. If a deeper story can be told about a product, person, or place, Jess is eager to explore and visually illustrate it. With over a decade of photography under her belt, Jess has used environmental portraiture, lifestyle, editorial, humanitarian, documentary, and behind-the-scene photography to tell stories that cut across class, socio-economic disparity, music, and lifestyle across East & West Africa.

Jess's desire to visualize everyday life as cinematic scenes has birthed exciting projects. She currently films events using strictly slow-motion cinematography and started a creative photography service called "The Finesse Factory" to provide agencies, brands, and individuals with influential events, BTS, products, and documentary-style imagery.