Daniela Passos

Hey! I'm Daniela, a Brazilian Filmmaker and Photographer Based in NYC. Also a Burgers Connoisseur :hamburger:! Excited to help you out in your creative journey.

Creative Interests

  • Self-Portraits
  • Community Building
  • Crypto Art

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Daniela Passos


My main mission is to connect people across the world through visual content and powerful visual storytelling. I firmly believe that the golden standard of an outstanding project is whether it brings smiles and empathy to its viewers.

I am a self-taught Photographer who has worked with on a range of different projects, including Sports Photography, High-End Fashion, and Travel Photography. I am always looking for was to give back to creators online, as that is where most of my skill set came from and was learnt, this is why I love community building and sharing content about Photography and NFT for creators.