Cody Turner

Hi, I'm Cody. Film photographer and visual storyteller based in the Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. I speak English and French!

Creative Interests

  • Film Photography
  • 80's Nostalgia
  • Surfing + Skateboarding

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Cody Turner


Let me tell you a little story about Cody real quick.
Well, Cody and photography, they just seem to click.

How else can you frame it? This is what he loves to do.
Ever since his first exposure he’s been into lighting, colour, texture, and hue.

He’s lived all over this Country, but now he chills on the East Coast.
With his dog Cayda and the lady he loves the most.

He’d shoot mostly on film cameras if it was all up to him.
He’s never more excited than when he gets back photos on film.

If you have any photography questions, don’t hesitate to ask,
Just look, point, and click on him, he’s definitely up to the task.