Becki Peckham

Graphic designer and photographer, makes YouTube videos about visuals, travel, and home with her husband, Chris.

Brands Worked With

  • Blundstone
  • Zhiyun
  • Musicbed
  • Adobe

Creative Interests

  • Interior Design & Home Renovations
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design

About Becki

Becki is originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland but currently home bases out of Buffalo, New York with her husband Chris. Recently, Becki and Chris released a 5 part helicopter travel series called Heading: EAST which was born from craving a physical and creative challenge during 2021. This was their second helicopter series after Cold Island which was their first 6 part docu-series released in 2019. Both projects were very fulfilling mentally and creatively, and provided a way to explore filmmaking in their own way.