Women & Non-Binary Grant Recipient | Alisha Vaya

Women & Non-Binary Grant Recipient

Alisha Vaya

My project is all about the Bedouin community in Qatar, more specifically the bond they have between them and their animals. These people have lived within the harsh desert for generations relying on the thanks and help to their camels and falcons. Nowadays, they still own their animals for a different purpose, but use them for statues, beauty pageants, to hunt, and to race. Although they are completely wild, they are considered a member of the family. The bond they share with their animal is very singular and special. 

Although they find these animals to be rather noble within their family, they will eat their meat. I was lucky enough to share a giant plate of camel with my photographic subjects during this project. 

The best part about this whole experience was learning great detail about the Bedouin community and their traditions.  Following them in their daily live was beautiful, they have a very rich culture behind them. Being with them in the desert, you realize how they care about these animalistic traditions and want to pass on this culture to their children. 

Moment Creator Grant #2 - Female x Non-Binary Recipients

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