Top 5 Camera Features We're Excited To Test On The New iPhone 15

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It's new phone season, baby! And with advanced technology just around the corner, the long-anticipated rumors have been tested or confirmed. As the official Apple event ends, many contemplate upgrading to the latest camera phone.

Each year, Apple sets a benchmark that other mobile companies strive to match. Apple excels in creating some of the industry's best camera phones. The question on everyone's mind is: Will the iPhone 15 Pro surpass the highly-praised iPhone 14 Pro? And, will its updates overshadow the offerings of other leading phone manufacturers?

For us, a team of mobile photographers and filmmakers, the camera is the highlight of any smartphone. Only time and thorough testing will provide definitive answers once we officially get the phones in hand. But for now, we can eagerly anticipate and hypothesize in the meantime. Here are the top five features we can't wait to explore.

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1. Working With Less

Will the stand-alone iPhone 15 be a statement of its own?

Many tech enthusiasts and detail-focused users typically gravitate towards Pro-level phones, drawn by their superior specifications and additional features. But, the truth is, not every creator is looking for the priciest and highest-end camera in a smartphone series.

Considering this trend — similar to the iPhone 14 — the iPhone 15 features a dual-sensor camera system by adopting the 48MP main sensor previously exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max instead of the 12MP main sensor of its immediate predecessor. That's pretty significant.

However, although the iPhone 15 might sport a 48MP main sensor, it could be of a lesser caliber than the ones found in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Regardless, this is promising for enthusiasts of Apple's regular iPhone lineup. The iPhone 14's cameras, while competent for everyday photography, haven't seen significant changes since the iPhone 13, except for a few tweaks in the processing department. With the iPhone 15, loyal users may finally have a compelling reason to upgrade their standard models, even if there's no expected enhancement over the iPhone 14's modest 3x digital zoom.

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2. Better Zoom?! Apple Finally Gets Periscope Technology

A new term to perk the ears.

A periscope zoom design lets smartphones incorporate a bigger lens without adding significant thickness. This technology isn't new, as it's already featured in various Android devices, but it would be a debut for the iPhone. Personally, I can't wait to see the Meme battles on TikTok.

The Pro Max models now sport a crisp 5x optical zoom, a significantly large improvement from the 3x zoom provided by the iPhone 14 Pro. This gives you a 120mm focal length on your phone, an outstanding improvement for Apple's telephoto cameras. But does it beat Android?

Additionally, the camera systems now utilize a hybrid lens, a combination of glass and plastic elements, a nice balance between the weight and cost of the components while ensuring optimal image quality.

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3. Portrait Mode

Better computation and smart technology.

The iPhone 15 Pro looks promising, especially with an enhanced LiDAR sensor. Current iPhones utilize LiDAR for portrait-mode photos and AR applications. Still, this more powerful sensor expands these capabilities by providing huge power streaks with its Photonic engine to induce better Portrait Mode (and even Night Mode). It has less clinical feeling and more natural tones with that big-sensor feel. These vivid colors and sharper detail with even smarter technology allow for greater images curated with less effort. That's what I like to see.

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4. MagSafe Capabilities for Creators

Quick and easy attachments include a mobile tripod, filmmaker cage, cold shoe mounts, and more.

The camera itself is only as good as how you use it. With attachable MagSafe accessories, the appeal of mobile content creation, especially filmmaking, has grown significantly.

Good news for us: MagSafe isn't going anywhere. Every iPhone 15 model will be compatible with MagSafe and the Qi2 wireless charging standards, delivering a charging speed of 15W. Beyond just charging, MagSafe's versatility extends to phone stands, enhancing the mobile photography and filmmaking experience. The convenience of MagSafe's snap-on, snap-off mechanism provides a refreshing change from cumbersome setups involving screwballs or tangled wires.

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5. Better Low Light & Dynamic Range

A larger sensor leaves room for better optics across various shooting styles.

Apple's camera configuration hasn't changed significantly since the iPhone 13 series. However, as mentioned before, multiple sources claim that every model has multiple notable advantages. They're set to transition from 12-megapixel sensors, as seen on the iPhone 14, to advanced 48-megapixel sensors. As of now, only Apple's Pro models boast the 48-megapixel sensors.

This big upgrade indicates that the iPhone 15 range showcases enhanced performance in low-light situations. Such advancements will likely yield superior outcomes in varied photography scenarios, particularly in tricky lighting during late-night street scenes. The New Smart HDR also captures subjects with better true-to-life tones, especially in the skin, while ensuring every image holds brighter highlights and richer mid-tones in the shadows. This advanced HDR rendering will also be available to third-party apps, like the Moment Pro Camera App.

While these improvements might appear subtle to some, they signify a promising evolution for future Apple devices.

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