Tips For Photographing Darker Skin Tones

Aundre Larrow dives deep on the crucial understanding of what it means to distinguish darker skin tones during the editing process. Check out his tutorial.

Aundre Larrow

The Man Championing Human Stories Through Photography

Aundre Larrow is a renowned photographer born in Jamaica, raised in south Florida, and currently residing in Brooklyn. His work primarily aims to unravel and communicate the essence of humanity and the intrinsic value of each individual. During his tenure as an Adobe Creative Resident, Larrow had the unique opportunity to traverse the country, engaging with people from all walks of life, and exploring their stories and perspectives. Moreover, he contributes to the acclaimed television series W. Kamau Bell's United Shades. This series aligns perfectly with his mission, as it also focuses on revealing the unique value and dignity of every human being.

Our good friend, Aundre Larrow, is no stranger to the camera. He has an exceptional eye for creating delightfully warm, raw, and impassioned portraitures that span his editorial and personal work. As a Brooklyn-based professional, he has the uncanny ability to tell a story with the captured human eye and provoke positive change. His portfolio lives and breaths inspiring anecdotes, particularly his passion project; a documentation series reflecting our nation’s sense of place and how it ultimately ripples diverse thoughts, economies, and identities in the human race.

I mean, the dude’s mad talent. Have you checked out his website and Instagram? Give him a follow.

While we pranced around the streets of NYC in late October for the Halloween Film Festival, we were honored to have filmed a tutorial with Aundre based on editing darker skin. He not only discusses personal aspects of his creative workflow but dives deep into the crucial understanding of what it means to distinguish darker skin tones during the editing process. A paramount topic rarely explored in the media industry today, Aundre examines such valuable pointers in a fluid, effortless fashion. 

And the pictures? Killer...

"As the internet is pushing us to new places, we want to be able to tell other stories and to do that we need to be able to capture other people's skin well." 

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