The NEW 20-70mm F4.0 FE Lens | Sony’s First Lightweight Wide Zoom

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Sony revealed a new lens to their capture repertoire this week: the 20-70mm F4.0.

Lenses hit the market monthly, with each product aiming to upstep the previous generation's iterations. Sometimes they're an impressive jump, and others are just another lackluster launch. But, honestly? This 20-70mm lens caught my eye. It's Sony's first wide zoom with a 20mm focal length, explicitly designed with content creators and vloggers in mind.

Although I couldn't grab a sample of either lens, I have deep knowledge of camera equipment as a professional filmmaker and producer for 15+ years. I'm excited to see the potential of these new 20mm focal length ranges, a unique focal scope I have yet to see in my lifetime.

At A Glance...

  • World's first zoom with a wide end of 20mm
  • Wide Enough for Vlogging at 20mm
  • Very Little Distortion at 20mm
  • Very Sharp & Optically Superb
  • 72mm Thread
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FE 20-70mm F4 G


Extend the range of the standard zoom lens to 20mm for a wide field of view required to include yourself, your friends, and the background with G series resolution and naturally rendered bokeh. Fast, ...

Add for $1098
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What Makes the Sony 20-70mm F4.0 So Special?

The 20-70mm F4.0 lens stands out amongst its peers, boasting an impressive 20mm wide end — something you won't find in any other zoom lens. Despite its incredibly compact size, it retains all the features of a larger F4.0 lens, making it an attractive offering for any beginner photographer or filmmaker.

For Photographers

With this lens, you'll be able to capture sweeping landscapes, isolate subjects up close, create a shallow depth of field, and efficiently shoot in low-light conditions. The lens is perfect for street and documentary photography due to its wide-angle focal length and tandem zoom option.

This lens proves stunning optics: featuring two AA (advanced aspherical) elements, three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements, and one ED aspherical element that combine expertly precise chromatic and spherical elements aberration. Thanks to its optimized coatings, Sony offers impressive contrast and clarity in the image's dynamic range, making frames highly resistant to flare or ghosting. This lens can create fantastic photos thanks to its 9-blade circular aperture with full-frame sensors.

The pictures are SHARP based on Sony's tech specs and sample images. Every picture retains excellent detail and plenty of data with this mid-level 4.0 aperture sizing.

For Filmmakers

This lens ensures you can maintain a wide angle of view when shooting video in either 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratios, allowing you to capture more within a single frame. Additionally, you can crop edges in post-production to better your image stabilization, which is ideal for creators with a more run-and-gun capturing method without using a gimbal.

Its cutting-edge technology drastically reduces focus breathing and shifting while zooming. An advanced XD linear motor and newly designed aperture unit also make for whisper-quiet operation. Thank goodness.

Say goodbye to a gimbal! Sony's newer Alpha-series cameras now hold Active Modevii image stabilization, which is extraordinarily effective at the wide 20mm end — allowing for smooth, steady handheld footage, even when walking.

Focus is of the utmost importance when shooting high-resolution 4K or 8K footage. The FE 20-70mm F4.0's XD linear motors and compact design make it easier to acquire accurate focus and track fast-moving subjects, allowing the solo shooter to leave the focus to the camera — a massive advantage.

I am absolutely buying this lens for future travel, hoping it will be my new go-to choice for both stills and video.

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ACTUALLY Lightweight!

This new 20-70mm F4.0 is ideal if you want something lightweight and versatile.

It's no secret that Sony lenses are notorious for being heavy and clunky, often being a challenging option for long shoot days or strenuous travel.

Fortunately, Sony is filling that gap between quality and portability with this lens, providing users with a better alternative to have the best of both worlds.

Many filmmakers I know have to purchase a Tamron equivalent because they're easier to lug around the backpack during travel days than Sony's lineup. But they've caught wind of the crowd's complaints, offering their version of high-quality lenses in a versatile size.

Win, win.

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Ultimately, Sony has answered the call of many creators — enabling us to use their lenses without the burden of heavy weight and a stunning, wide focal range that's even more useful for hybrid shooters.