The Daily Lightweight Pack | Moment Everyday Bag 17L Review

Let’s dive into the in’s and out’s of Moment’s first ever designed Everyday Backpack for creators.

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This expertly designed workhorse of a backpack sports a set of features mainly geared toward creative and tech-related routines. But is it a good bag for you? I’m Ron Kwok, and I'm super passionate about all things Everyday Carry (EDC). I break down what goes into my load-outs and show you how I've tailored each kit to fit my needs on my YouTube channel. From tech organizers to full-fledged backpacks — there’s something out there for everyone, and I love being the source to bridge that gap. Moment sent me their 17L Everything Backpack when it was first released, and I couldn't wait to test its waters and overall performance. I opted for its neutral Olive color and spent ample time meeting its features, materials, and compartments. Watch my YouTube video if you’re a visual learner, too.

To Know:

The backpack to work anywhere, and travel everywhere. Whether spilling your morning coffee or getting caught in a rainstorm, the waterproof materials protect your gear. The interior organization was intuitively designed, so gear management is simple. Padded and breathable shoulder straps are comfortable for both women and men all day. A unique side access zip makes it fast to grab gear without unloading your pack. A bag that stands on its own is vital, so we designed the base so the bag doesn't fall over when it’s set down. You can pick the right bag for your frame in two sizes.

What We Love:

Looks Minimal

From the outside, you’d never know this is a tech bag. On the inside, it’s all about your tech.

Comfortable For Everyone

The straps underwent multiple iterations of adjusting the shape, cut, padding, and thickness until they were tailored to everyone's needs.


Cush comfort foam and soft mesh line the straps, making them comfortable on bare skin.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Backpack

Best For: Creative or gear-centric users that appreciate a minimal carry solution for everyday use.

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Perfect Load for Everyday Carry, Especially if You're a Creative.

It's a great-looking backpack. It's rare to find a logistically beautiful pack with varying features inside such a compact size. The form factor seems tight and helpful upon initial glance. The exterior is wrapped in recycled Quadro fabric for durability, weatherproofing, and sustainability. The material offers additional double padding for waterproofing coating to ensure your precious cargo stays dry.

One of the main features that immediately stood out to me was the YKK Aquaguard zippers, which have a polyurethane coating at the top and repels water much better than standard zippers.

The pack appears rigid and padded for excellent comfort while maintaining a classic backpack appearance. When you set it down, it won't flop over or lay down on itself even at max capacity. The extra padding will also protect your gear from low drops or while stacking it in the trunk of your car for a road trip. Its long-lasting durability seals an everyday reliance.

The zipper access across the pack's body enables the entrance from the main compartment, allowing users to access the primary box without fully removing the bag or setting it on the ground. The secondary pocket on the front opens up to all the additional compartments for things like chargers, batters, chapsticks, etc. You have a laptop sleeve in the back and added pockets for documents or papers. The water bottle pocket is incredibly cool — it's much more prominent and expands with its attached elasticity material to fit larger bottles throughout the day. Hydration is pretty essential to me, I like to carry a 40oz Hydro Flask bottle, and I'm happy to say that the bag accommodates larger volumes for swift exterior access.

The shoulder pads are adjustable to fit one's body snugly to round off the backpack's exterior. You can tell Moment carefully designed the bags to sit comfortably in the center of your back, whether you are tall or small. The back panel is also a panel for ensuring you're comfortable during the long haul, and a pass-through luggage sleeve to make your life easier while traveling by air.

The front access pocket sports variously sized pockets and compartments for all goodies. There's even an attached leash to strap on valuables, like keys! The main room is a juicy, wide-open volume layer for bulkier items. Tech organizers, accessory cases, and even a rolled-up hoodie can easily fit inside the main compartment of this 17L backpack. What's great about this particular compartment is its modular form factor; it involves a level of creativity that I appreciate. I combine this backpack with Moment's 5L insert to keep my hardware cozy and safe. There are a few anchors tucked between the side of the bag, where you can clip the camera insert to ensure your expensive gear stays nice and locked down. This section is also where quick access comes into play; you unzip the side and easily access the camera insert's triple chambers. The insert is everything you'd expect it to be — rigid, strong, and durable. The sections are also adjustable because the dividers are hooked and looped to accommodate various size conversations.

You might be pushing it in size and volume with your camera in tandem with other work-from-home items. Still, the insert allows for proper compartmentation and encourages a more minimal packing approach. I dial in the 17L max capacity and refine my packing load to make it work.

Reminiscent of an 80's Jansport, the MTW 17L offers a perfect solution for an everyday bag that can be carried everywhere you need.

What We Rate

  • Accessibility
    • Fish for it.
    • Put it down to access.
    • Pause to access.
    • Access on the go.

  • Adjustable Fit
    • Fixed length
    • Length adjustments
    • Length and Body
    • All plus compression

  • Capacity
    • < 1 Day
    • 1-3 Day
    • 3-5 Day
    • > 5 Day

  • Comfort
    • For a few minutes.
    • A few hours
    • Most of the day
    • All Day.

  • Organization
    • Single Pocket
    • Some compartments
    • Lots of compartments
    • Custom Configurations

  • Travelability
    • Light travel
    • Urban travel
    • Everywhere travel
    • Rugged travel

  • Waterproof
    • Stay away
    • Light rain
    • Rain storm
    • Like a dry bag

  • Weight
    • Ultra Light
    • Light
    • Average
    • Heavy
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What It Has:

  • 600D Recycled Nylon CPH Exterior Fabric
  • 210D Nylon Oxlan Interior Fabric
  • Pass-Through Luggage Feature
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Side Access Entry

What It Does:

  • Thoughtful Hydration: Oversized external water bottle pocket that fits up to a 1L Nalgene®
  • Crazy Comfort: Cut to fit shoulder straps and back panel with a focus on fitting all body types
  • Travel Ready: Sleek luggage slip through back panel
  • Protective: Low profile padding for extra protection against drops


  • Height: 17.1"
  • Width: 11"
  • Depth: 5.5"
  • Weight: 1.5lbs

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