The #1 Bestselling Microphone - RODE VideoMicro II (With Samples!)

An update to RODE's #1 best-selling on-camera shotgun microphone. Better, more foolproof, and super portable.

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Are you looking for an ultra-compact, on-camera shotgun microphone that delivers pristine audio? Look no further than the badass VideoMicro II, an upgraded generation to the #1 best-selling microphone on the planet.

This revolutionary microphone is equipped with innovative annular line tube technology, originally debuted in the NTG5 professional shotgun microphone and featured in the VideoMic NTG and VideoMic GO II for maximum sound clarity and directional accuracy.

Plus, you won't need any batteries or complicated controls - plug and go. The VideoMicro II comes with the brand-new Helix™ isolation mount, so your microphone will be secure and protected from any knocks or bumps.

It's pro-level sound quality in an effortless package.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight on-camera shotgun microphone
  • Incredibly easy-to-use shotgun microphone with annular line tube technology
  • Highly directional super-cardioid polar pattern
  • Plug-in power operation – no battery required 3.5mm.
  • TRS output for connecting to cameras or compatible mobile devices
  • HELIX™ isolation mount system High-quality foam and furry windshields included
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Foolproof, Easy, & Works Well

Microphones these days are damn near foolproof.

RODE continually offers the ideal combination of professional-grade audio quality and uncomplicated operation – without the need for batteries. You plug it in, press record, and easily capture the most precise sound imaginable.

Gone are the days with complicated switches or controls to worry about, just superior-quality sound that will take your recordings to a new level of excellence.

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Darn Good Quality

RODE's innovative technology steals the show again; it's a no-brainer why their audio lineup continues to sell out in our store (literally).

Their HELIX™ is an extraordinary isolation mount designed and constructed with high standards. It doesn't feel cheap when you secure the mic to your camera; it's sturdy and guarantees superior protection from unwanted jolts and bumps that could otherwise lead to crappy distortions in your recordings. The mount also includes:

  • Convenient cable management slots.
  • An attachment for your camera.
  • A thread for mounting onto a boom pole or other extensions.

Its low profile keeps your setup looking sleek while providing remarkable acoustical integrity. The elegant design is beneficial when recording in public, making your big rig less evident to the public eye.

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Rugged As H*ck

Take this bad boy anywhere. Stuff it in the bottom of your backpack or easily take it out during nasty weathered shoots; RODE's state-of-the-art construction can handle it all.

At a mere 80mm long and weighing just 39 grams, its compact frame and lightweight body make it the ideal accessory for any creator's kit, camera bag, backpack, or handbag. With its robust, all-metal construction and premium components, this resilient device is designed to go the distance and follow you wherever your video journey takes you.

I love RODE's products because they've never let me down. At the end of an exhausting shoot, I'll sometimes throw all my gear in the Pelican before wrapup, and this microphone never fails to keep intact. That's a huge benefit for working creators!

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Compatible With Any Device

The microphone comes with a 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable to connect to any camera and a 3.5mm TRS to TRRS cable for smartphone tethering. A variety of devices are readily compatible, making this mic a go-to for anyone in need of solid audio.