The 6 Best Wireless Tech Chargers

If you are looking for the best wireless chargers for your tech products, spice up your desk space with our top picks.

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Customers tend to have a love-hate relationship with wireless chargers. It’s a convenience and ease of use for some, while a slow form of partial wireless charging for others. We offer a variety of wireless chargers from several brands we love and trust; let’s take a gander.

1. Magnetic Phone Stand with Dual Wireless Charging

Best For: Short-form creators, remote workers needing an extra screen, or those who simply don't want to hold their phone.

Why stop at an iPad stand when you can also have an all-metal, wireless charging phone stand that is tilt adjustable and packs the strongest magnets? Now you can simultaneously charge your phone and a second QI-Compatible device, both wirelessly!

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Magnetic Phone Stand with Dual Wireless Charging

Your phone deserves to stand! The LAB22 Magnetic Phone Stand with Dual Wireless Charging will support your phone and charge it with room for a secondary device

Buy for $110.00

2. Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition

Best For: Anyone wanting to charge multiple devices simultaneously with an excellent office setup.

Nomad’s Base Station not only allows you to charge two devices wirelessly but will allow you to charge another two devices using the traditional wired method. A USB-C PD port on the back of the charger enables a fast charge of your iPhone and iPad at up to 18W. If you want to charge another accessory like AirPods, you can use the 2A USB-A port and charge any other device. And hey — it just looks great with your desk setup.

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Base Station Hub Edition - Multi Device Wireless Charger

So most of your mobile devices charge wirelessly now? Drop them on the Nomad Base Station Hub, one of the best-looking charging pads out there!

Buy for $99.99

3. Mophie Snap+ 15W Wireless Charging Pad

Best For: Those who want a wireless charging solution for the newer MagSafe-compatible devices while working simultaneously with their older devices.

Mophie has recently introduced their new Snap+ Wireless Charging Pad, a wireless charging pad that can charge your devices at a max rate of up to 15W. In addition, Mophie has designed these pads to work effortlessly with the newer MagSafe-compatible devices.

If you are using a case, you can still use this pad, considering you have a low-profile case. If you have a device that isn’t MagSafe compatible, Mophie includes a Snap Adapter in the box that you can directly attach to the back of your device or to your low-profile case.

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Snap+ 15w Wireless Charging Pad

Eyeing a minimalistic Wireless charging pad? The Snap+ Fast Charging Pad is so small you will forget it's there. Comes magnetic adapter for non-MagSafe phones

Buy for $34.99

4. Anker PowerWave II Wireless Charging Stand

Best For: Either for watching videos or video calls while their devices are wirelessly charged.

Anker has excelled in making charging accessories for several devices over the past few years. With the PowerWave II Wireless Charging Stand, Anker has offered a dual coil charger by which you will be able to charge your device in the horizontal and vertical positions on the stand.

Also, as it is a wireless charging stand, not a pad, you can put the device on the stand to continue watching your videos while it gets juiced up. Also, if you want to chat with your friends while having your device charged up, you can do so using the stand.

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PowerWave II Stand - Wireless Charging Stand

Need a hassle-free wireless charger? Fast charge your phone with the Anker PowerWave II Stand which adapts to your device, and even comes with a power adapter

Buy for $39.99

5. Peak Design Wireless Charging Stand

Best For: For those who want to enjoy the benefits of the wireless charger while on a short trip with friends or family.

Peak Design never fails to surprise us with its unique design and usability. With this recent introduction, Peak Design has developed a Wireless Charging Stand compatible with MagSafe devices. This is a premium wireless charger that is made of anodized aluminum. The stand comes with a unique hinge design that will allow you to set the stand at various angles, depending on what suits your usability.

This wireless charging stand supports up to 15W of wireless charging when you connect it with a power adapter that supports up to 20W of output. A USB Type-C to Type-C cable is included in the box. This is one of the best wireless charging stands to carry while traveling, as it can fold flat when unused.

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Peak Design

Mobile Wireless Charging Stand with Peak SlimLink™

This is the sleek wireless charger your home deserves! The articulating magnetic phone stand will securely hold and fast-charge your phone in any orientation

Buy for $79.95

6. Peak Design Wireless Charging Car Mount

Best For: This is one of the best wireless charging car mounts for those looking to have their devices within reach while driving the car.

Wireless Charging is not just limited to your desk and bedside tables. It can also be used while driving a car on the go. Peak Design's Wireless Charging Car Mount can be used with MagSafe-compatible devices. It sticks to the dashboard via a 3M adhesive mount, adjustable to various angles. Unlike other fixed charging mounts, having the ability to rotate the mount while charging is immensely helpful.

Moment Peak Design M CM AA BK 1 Car Mount Black thumbanail

Peak Design

Mobile Car Mount VHB Wireless Charging with Peak SlimLink™

Magnetic phone mount that adheres to car dashboards and provides seamless wireless charging

Buy for $79.95

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