The 10 Best USB-C Cords & Adapters for iPhones, Tablets, and More

Explore our top picks for the fastest and most reliable USB-C cables and adapters for various data transfer, charging, and more.

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We understand that the world of USB-C can be a bit puzzling. Even though two cables might look the same, they can perform quite differently. For instance, while one cable quickly charges your latest iPhone or laptop, transferring your favorite tunes or video footage takes time. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back. After testing many cables and adapters, we're here to guide you to the perfect match for your device without breaking the bank. Whether you have a tablet, game console, phone, or any device with a USB-C port, we're here to ensure you get the best experience.

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1. Satechi USB-C to USB-C Cable - 10in

With Strong Corded Material

For filmmakers and creators, maintaining a reliable power source is paramount. Elevate your charging experience with the Satechi USB-C to USB-C Cable, thoughtfully designed for durability and optimal length, ensuring efficient on-the-move charging. Ideal for the bustling home office or fieldwork, it seamlessly complements the Quatro Wireless Power Bank or our 108W Pro Desktop Charger, ensuring your Type-C devices are always ready for action.

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USB-C to USB-C Cable - 10in


Complete your charging setup with the Satechi USB-C to USB-C Cable, featuring a durable design and shorter length to make on-the-go charging even more convenient. Pairs perfectly with our Quatro Wirel...

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2. Belkin Boost Up Charge Cable - USB-A to USB-C 3ft (1m)

Everyone’s Go-To Brand

These charging cables are a game-changer for creators who demand both durability and compatibility. They are USB-IF certified to guarantee seamless compatibility and have been rigorously tested to endure over 8,000 bends, promising longevity. Whether you're at home, on the road, or in the office, these USB-C™ cables are designed to keep you charged, synced, and connected to any standard USB-A port with unwavering reliability.

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USB A to USB C Cable 3ft


Stay charged, synced, and connected with reliable charging cables that you can use in your home, car, or office. Tested to withstand 8,000+ bends, these USB-C™ cables are built for a long lifespan and...

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3. Ventev ChargeSync Flat USB-C to USB-C Cable 3.3ft

Streamlined For Various Uses

Experience the pinnacle of functionality and design. The Ventev USB-C to USB-C 2.0 connector seamlessly syncs with the latest C devices, ensuring you're always compatible and connected. Beyond just charging, effortlessly transfer data, music, and video files between C devices. Its flat cable design ensures you can wrap it up without the hassle of tangles. Plus, with reversible C connectors at both ends, plugging in has never been simpler or more efficient. Every aspect is thoughtfully designed for the modern user, blending durability with utmost convenience.

4. Kondor Blue Gerald Undone - 100W USB-C to USB-C 3.2 Charging/Transfer Cable 4ft

For a Pop of Color

In a stellar collaboration, GERALD UNDONE joins forces with KONDOR BLUE to present a superior range of cables tailored for the tech enthusiast in you. Our vibrant purple USB-C 3.2 cables are the ultimate choice for a broad spectrum of modern devices, from cameras to computers, hard drives, monitors, and so much more.

Crafted with precision, this cable is versatile enough to support many electronics, including mirrorless cameras and SSD Drives. Experience unparalleled performance with its ability to provide up to 100W of power and achieve lightning-fast data transfer rates that peak at 10Gb/s. Designed for durability and style, it spans 4ft, is fortified with robust metal connectors, and is wrapped in a sleek nylon braid.

5. mophie Standard USB-C to USB-C Cable - 5 ft | White

The Mega-Fast

We love this ultra-fast USB-C cable, complete with a Lightning connector. Crafted for remarkable swiftness, this cable ensures your iPhone or iPad gets powered up in record time. Its resilience is unmatched, boasting a robust, braided nylon construction and sturdy connectors, making it impervious to the rigors of daily use. It is certified for optimal performance and promises flawless compatibility with all your cherished Apple devices.

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Standard USB-C to USB-C Cable - 5 ft

Upgrade your everyday charging cable to the Fast Charge USB-C cable with Lightning connector. With a durable, braided nylon cable and durable connectors, this charging cable stands up to everyday wear...

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6. Ventev ChargeSync Alloy USB-C to USB-C 2.0 Cable 4ft

Updated For Convenience

Beyond its core functionalities, this cable allows charging directly from any standard C port to a C port-enabled device. Notably, it supports a rapid charge rate of up to 3A, ensuring your devices power swiftly. Crafted with robust alloy construction, this flat-designed cable promises easy, tangle-free wrapping. Plus, with reversible C connectors at both ends, enjoy the simplicity of a user-friendly design that prioritizes durability and effortless charging.

7. Satechi USB-C to USB-C Cable - 2.6ft

Down To Business

Experience cutting-edge connectivity with the Satechi USB4 cable, powered by the latest USB4 technology. Obtain ultra-enhanced bandwidth management and data transfer courtesy of the next-gen USB4 protocols. This cable is primed to unlock optimal performance from various devices, including Thunderbolt 4/3, USB-C port displays, docking stations, external SSD storage, eGPUs, VR devices, and 10GbE adapters.

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USB-C to USB-C Cable - 2.6ft


Next-generation USB4 technology has arrived with the Satechi USB4 cable. Featuring next-gen USB4 protocols for better bandwidth management and data transfer, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of...

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8. Belkin USB-C 60W Charge w/ HDMI Adapter

Best Adapter On-The-Go

Designed for effortless integration, it enables seamless connection to HDMI monitors or HDTVs, all while offering the luxury of simultaneous charging. Ideal for devices lacking an HDMI port or when you're in scenarios demanding an immediate device-monitor linkage without juggling multiple cables. Whether presenting from a laptop to a projector or linking a tablet to a monitor, this adapter ensures swift audio/video data transfer. Flaunting a sleek profile and a reversible connector, it is the go-to choice for contemporary connectivity requirements.

9. Twelve South StayGo Portable USB-C Hub with Charging & SD Card Reader

Everything You Need, an All-In-One

The ultimate solution for type C laptops, MacBook, iMac M1, and iPad Pro users facing limited port availability. Stand out from the rest, StayGo's defining feature is its generous 1-meter cable, allowing you to position the hub discreetly, maintaining a neat workspace devoid of dangling cords or protruding dongles. Seamlessly connect backup drives, transfer photos from an SD card, integrate external HDMI monitors, and more, all housed within a sleek, compact unit. For remote professionals, the innovative design includes a travel cord stored right within its sturdy aluminum hub. Transitioning between stationary and on-the-move setups is now a breeze – with StayGo, you're always ready, whether you choose to Stay or Go.

10. Ventev 15W Magnetic Wireless Charger

Best For Wireless Charging

Discover seamless charging with the Ventev 15W wireless magnetic charger, flawlessly integrated with iPhone MagSafe technology. Crafted for enthusiasts who prioritize function and form, this charger ensures your device remains powered even during active use. Its soft fabric finish offers a touch of elegance and safeguards your phone against potential harm. Equipped with a convenient 5ft USB-C cable and backed by a limited warranty, this charger merges style, reliability, and efficiency into one impeccable package.

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15W Magnetic Wireless Charger


The Ventev 15W wireless magnetic charger is compatible with iPhone MagSafe technology. This wireless charger is perfect for those looking to keep their device charged while in use. Features a soft fab...

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