The 5 Best Mobile Tripods For Smartphones

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On-the-go creativity just gets better and better.

Mobile photography doesn’t have to be just you and your hand. You can utilize tools for extra support, especially when looking for something to improve the quality of your images or footage. A still camera phone will provide extra lights or audio and enhance the stability of shots and angles you usually couldn’t do without a tripod.

We’re going to dive deep into the best phone tripods (and MagSafe-compatible mounting systems) that work with both iPhone, Android, and Pixel customers. We're also including our highly magnetic line of MagSafe Mounts for creatives wanting to go beyond a stabilizing tool. Read more below.

And suppose you're looking for additional information for mobile filmmaking, such as recommended gear or smartphone settings. In that case, we have a 1-hour online course for any beginning or advanced mobile filmmakers needed to refresh their techniques.

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1. Moment Tripod Mount - for MagSafe®

Best For: Filmmakers mounting it to other MageSafe-compatible devices.

Like our innovative Tripod Mount, the Pro version elevates your mobile photography experience by incorporating a versatile, adjustable standard cold shoe mount. This is hands down the best iPhone mount to pair with your tripod. Meticulously crafted to work seamlessly with any standard 1/4"-20 tripods or handles, this mount allows you to switch between landscape and portrait mode effortlessly—no phone clamp needed.

Whether your smartphone has a case or not, our Pro Mount covers you. What sets it apart is the integration of our cutting-edge (M)Force magnet array, which boasts superior strength to conventional tripod accessories. This ensures your phone remains securely attached, giving you peace of mind during those important moments.

In addition to its exceptional strength, our Pro Mount is designed to be lightweight, compact, and user-friendly—a perfect companion for mobile creators on the go.

Features & Compatibility

  • Magnetic mount allows for easy micro angle adjustments
  • Mounts to any standard 1/4”-20 tripod
  • Low-profile aluminum construction
  • Padded contact points to keep your phone safe
  • Not compatible with Moment Lenses when paired with an iPhone 12/13 Mini
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2. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

Best For: Creators wanting a solid stabilizing solution.

The Manfrotto PIXI is the ultimate mini tripod tailored for Compact System Cameras. It's a dream come true for photographers seeking a lightweight, portable, and user-friendly support system. With the Manfrotto PIXI by your side, you'll effortlessly capture those challenging video shots with utmost stability and fluidity.

Don't require the tripod legs? No problem! Simply close the legs and continue capturing professional-grade videos that are guaranteed to turn heads. The innovative push-button mechanism streamlines positioning and locking the ball head, making it a swift and intuitive process. Press the button to let the ball joint move freely, and release it to secure the ball in your desired position.

Features & Compatibility

  • Mini tripod for Compact System Cameras
  • Comfortable handgrip to capture great videos
  • Push-button locking mechanism for easy setup
  • Lightweight, intuitive to use, and easy to carry
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3. GorillaPod 3K Tripod with Ball Head Kit

Best For: Rough creators running-and-gunning.

We absolutely adore the Joby Gorillapod tripods for their remarkable versatility, with the 3K size standing out as a favorite. It's ideal for DSLR cameras and smartphones when paired with a phone clamp like the GripTight Pro 2. The adaptable tripod legs effortlessly wrap around objects like street signs or tree branches, ensuring that your creativity knows no bounds when it comes to composing shots and exploring new angles.

This kit thoughtfully includes the ball head attachment—an essential component for maximizing angle selection and setup flexibility. With the Joby Gorillapod at your side, you'll be well-equipped to capture your world from a whole new perspective.

Features & Compatibility

  • Holds devices weighing up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Includes Ballhead with 360-degree panning bed and cutout for full 90-degree tilt.
  • Built-in level for perfect shots
  • DSLR tripod or Smartphone tripod if paired with a phone mount
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4. Moment Tripod Mount - for MagSafe®

Best For: Riggin it up for a video shoot.

Whether your phone is in a case or not, our mount will work either way. It features our exclusive (M)Force magnet array that boasts superior strength to standard tripod accessories, ensuring your phone stays securely in place. You can trust that your phone won't budge, giving you added confidence during your photography sessions.

Not only is our mount remarkably strong, but it is also lightweight, compact, and user-friendly. It's designed to make your mobile photography experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Features & Compatibility

  • Works with iPhone 12, 13, and 14-series phones directly or with Pixel
  • Compatible with MagSafe cases and accessories.
  • Easily usable in landscape mode
  • Adjustable cold shoe arm for different size phones and cases
  • Proprietary (M)Force magnet array and grip pad.
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5. JOBY PodZilla Medium Kit

Best For: Putting it in any unsafe space.

Easy peasy for any project.

Constructed with a robust aluminum core and enveloped in a grippy rubber exterior, the Podzilla Medium Kit caters to cameras and other accessories with a 1/4-20" mount up to 1kg. The push-button adjustable ball head adds to the ease of use, making it a breeze to capture the perfect angle.

The Podzilla Medium Kit also comes with the GripTight™ 360 Phone Mount, making it incredibly convenient to film your latest mobile clips for TikTok or Instagram. Available in an array of colors to match your unique style, the Podzilla Medium Kit is the ultimate companion for all content creators.

Features & Compatibility

  • Durable Aluminium Core
  • Grippy rubber outer for easy Vlogging
  • Choice of colors
  • 1⁄4-20” locking wheel mount
  • Push-button adjustability
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PodZilla Medium Kit - Red


Get hooked on Content Creation with this awesome entry-level Flexible Tripod from the makers of GorillaPod®. Built with a durable Aluminium core and covered in grippy rubber for ease of use, the Podzi...

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