Wolfen NC400 35mm Color Film - 400 ISO & 36exp

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    Award Winning

    At the core of this new color film lies a unique chemical formula based on the wonderful and legendary Agfa stock last used in the BAFTA award-winning film "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves"

    MV5 B Mj I0 N Dc1 MDE4 NV5 B Ml5 Ban Bn Xk Ft Z Tcw Nj Y0 NT Uy Nw V1

    Similar to its sister, the NC500

    But with less grain and more deliberately vibrant in specific colors -- you will find that the NC400 is uniquely balanced towards greens, desaturated shadows, and more subtle grain; these are all aspects that Wolfen is embracing for the new addition.

    2435400 011

    Sample Shots taken on the Wolfen
    NC400 35mm Color Film - 400 ISO & 36 exp

    2435400 005
    2435400 013
    2435400 014
    2435400 015
    2435400 006
    2435400 009
    2435400 010
    2435400 012

    Learn more about the Wolfen NC400 35mm Color Film - 400 ISO & 36 exp's Data Sheet here