Circular Polarizing (CPL) Lens Filters

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Size: 37mm

Urth Circular Polarizing Filters (CPL Polarizing Filters) cut reflected light from any direction. By cutting polarized light, Urth CPL Filters increase contrast and boost color saturation and vibrancy. CPL Filters are a vital tool for outdoor photographer’s kit.

Features and Compatibility

  • Urth CPL cuts 99.9% of polarised light for better contrast and colors.
  • Enjoy better polarization, protection, and easier cleaning with URTH's 8-layer nano-coated Japanese AGC glass.
  • Cut polarized light's silver reflection from water, glass, and non-metallic surfaces for stronger colors.
  • Rotate to adjust polarization for stronger contrast, better color saturation for more vibrant images.
  • This Urth filter funds local communities to plant 5 trees in areas affected by deforestation.
Without CPL Lens filter
With CPL Lens filter

For cutting reflected light from any direction

Positive environmental impact

  • 1.90kg CO2 created
  • 1537.5kg CO2 sequestered
  • 800x positive impact

To find out more information about the impact of this Urth product, view Urth's Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) report here

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How to pick the correct filter size?

The filter thread size is actually different than the lens focal length. Usually, the filter thread size for your lens is printed on the front of the outer ring where your lens cap attaches, it'll look like øxx where xx is the filter size in millimeters.

Filter Thread Size